Wearable technology – future or fad?

Wearable tech - future or fad

Developers are creating new ways for us to wear our hearts on our sleeves. Wearable technology now brings the smartphones and tablets we usually store in pockets or bags out into the open and is pushing the boundaries of technology further than before. And with the Galaxy Gear Smartwatch officially launching in April of 2014, it seems like this is one fad that is definitely not going away soon. The question is: is wearable technology (such as smart watches and smart clothing) something that can … Continue reading

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The past and future of the Oculus Rift

Oculus Rift experience

The gaming headset called Oculus Rift has been the talk of the town since Facebook acquired Oculus VR, the virtual reality company that developed it. Facebook forked out $400 million in cash and 23.1 million shares of Facebook stock (totaling $2 billion) for the purchase of the company in March 2014. Even though there are many people (mostly software developers) who have been die-hard fans and followers of the Oculus Rift, some of us may not be aware of the garage-to-riches type story that is … Continue reading

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Anyone can code

Anyone can code

As will.i.am, member of the hip hop group The Black Eyed Peas and coding beginner, puts it, “Great coders are today’s rock stars…” A video by the name of “What Most Schools Don’t Teach”, which was created just over a year ago, made waves online and became the number one video on YouTube within only one day. The video featured many tech giants like Bill Gates (creator of Microsoft), Jack Dorsey (creator of Twitter), Mark Zuckerberg (creator of Facebook) and Drew Houston (creator of Dropbox). … Continue reading

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The stories behind well-known tech logos and mascots

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Ever wondered what a fat little penguin has to do with a certain open source operating system? Or why Macintosh has become synonymous with an apple that has a bite taken out of it? We take a look at some of the more famous logos and mascots of the tech world and the stories behind their conception. Tux the Linux penguin Even people who have never used Linux have probably seen Tux, the penguin mascot of this open-source operating system. Tux was the result of … Continue reading

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Smart is no longer just reserved for your phone

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So far in 2014 the spotlight has been shining brightly on home automation. From smart homes to smart fridges, the potential to automate just about anything is becoming a reality. Will automation become a part of daily life or is it still only a futuristic dream? Smart appliance manufacturers use wireless networking technologies (some are experimenting with RFID or radio frequency identification technology) and special languages (the first one was X10) to help devices share very specific information over these networks. Any device that works … Continue reading

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Preserve your tech gadgets for longer

Preserve your tech gadgets for longer

Technology is an important part of all of our lives so it is quite surprising how many people don’t know how to take care of their gadgets properly. So, we thought we’d educate you on some of the things you might not know you’re doing incorrectly and allow you to start doing them right from now on. Making a move Whether you are travelling from home to work or going overseas, your tech needs to be protected. This means always carrying your laptops, tablets and … Continue reading

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Weighing in on the best messaging apps

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Facebook recently forked out approximately $16 billion (reports differ on the exact amount) to purchase the popular messaging service, WhatsApp. With Facebook Messenger not having the success that was anticipated, this acquisition is aimed at tightening Facebook’s grip on communication via mobile devices. Whether this purchase of WhatsApp is a good or bad thing (people are already bracing themselves for third-party apps and invasive ads), still remains to be seen. The co-founder of WhatsApp once wrote a personalized note to his CEO saying, “No ads! … Continue reading

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Which Azure datacentre should you use for your South African sites and apps?

Azure datacentre

Recently the team at Maxxor had to decide which Azure datacentre to use for a new mobile app project. This was a very important decision as the choice would determine the speed at which the app would work. There are two important things that one needs to look at concerning the choice of an appropriate datacentre. One of these is latency. To explain it simply, it is the time that elapses between when a network request is made and when that request elicits a response. … Continue reading

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The potential of 3D printing


Even though 3D printing has been around since the 1980s (the first working 3D printer was created in 1984 by Chuck Hall), it is only since the early 2010s that 3D printers have become commercially available. Three-dimensional printing became a talking point in 2013 when more and more machines seemed to be manufactured, it was in the news on a regular basis and more interesting uses were being found for the process. Another name for 3D printing is additive manufacturing. This alias is actually the … Continue reading

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CES sets the pace for technology in 2014


The CES 2014 took place in Las Vegas, Nevada from the 7th to the 10th of January. It surely started the year off with a bang. The Consumer Electronics Show goes as far back as 1967. There was a point at which the show was held twice a year, once in the winter and once in the summer. Since 1998, however, it only occurs once a year and this year saw upwards of 150,000 attendees (the very first show saw “only” 17,500 attendees). Some people … Continue reading

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