No Photoshop? Free image editing tools to the rescue!

the life of A.Musing v2

Many people think that you need Photoshop to create great-looking photos. But Photoshop is expensive software to purchase if you only need it to edit something now and then. Instagram is another great option to use if you want the option to add filters and effects to your photos but there are only so many to choose from and not everyone wants to create an account just to do that. Luckily, the Internet offers a wide variety of quality photo editing tools that are free … Continue reading

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Playing games for a living

Playing games for a living

During the month of July an unlikely worldwide sports championship took place that you may not have heard of. There were no uniforms, the equipment used included headphones and a PC, and there was never any risk of physical injury. Yet the International DotA 2 Championship is one of the biggest of its kind in the world and the players are no less motivated to win than your average professional footballer. You may be asking yourself now, what is the International DotA 2 Championship? Firstly, … Continue reading

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Learn how to develop apps online


The expansive nature of the Internet makes it easy for all of us to become experts in what we love to do or develop new skills. This holds true for app development as well. Seeing as apps are intertwined with the Internet, there is no shortage of free and detailed resources out there to help develop your skills. If you’re looking to learn something new or potentially make a career out of developing apps, take a look at some of the (mostly free) developer resources … Continue reading

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Your guide to the biggest YouTube gamers


YouTube is a part of all of our lives. Whether we use it to look up funny cat videos or watch tutorials, we have all experienced the magic of this video sharing site. Many people may not realize what an immense community YouTubers are, and how many of them share every part of their lives and interests on the site for all to see. A big part of this YouTuber community consists of gamers who put videos up of them playing games (called “Let’s Play” … Continue reading

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World Cup 2014 action in the palm of your hands

World Cup 2014 apps

The 2014 FIFA World Cup™ kicked off in the host country of Brazil on the 12th of June. Soccer teams from all over the world are fighting it out for a spot in the finals on 13 July. If you couldn’t afford a trip to this country, best known for its beautiful beaches and the spectacular Rio Carnival, fear not. You can still follow all of the action from the comfort of your sofa or your favourite sports bar through some great apps and websites: … Continue reading

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The games everyone is talking about

halo-5 (1)

This year’s E3 (the Electronic Entertainment Expo) will be taking place from 10 to 12 June in Los Angeles, California. This expo is an annual trade fair for the computer and video games industry that is hosted by the Entertainment Software Association. It is an exclusive, industry-only event. Each year there is a lot of buzz surrounding the launch of new, highly-anticipated games on various platforms like Playstation, Xbox and PC at this expo. Let’s look at 5 new games have been hotly debated ahead … Continue reading

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Fastest-growing jobs in technology


Demand for jobs in the technology industry is growing fast and this is no surprise since tech touches all of our lives in both personal and professional capacities. What are the technology jobs currently trending upwards and have the ability to grow even more in the future?* Web Developer What do they do? Web developers are programmers who specialize in the development of World Wide Web applications or any application that runs from a web server to a web browser. They focus on the design … Continue reading

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What is net neutrality and how does it affect you?

Net neutrality

If you frequently read technology sites, you have no doubt come across articles referencing or talking about net neutrality (the “net” in this term can mean either network or Internet). Personally I have seen more and more articles about net neutrality and its accompanying debates pop up in recent months. For many of us, the words “net neutrality” don’t exactly lure us to read more so we usually just go on to read about the latest iPhone release or something similarly exciting. But are we … Continue reading

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How Google Maps put the world on the right track

Google Maps

Finding directions to that job interview, event or hotel before the advent of Google Maps consisted of using an outdated map book (who remembers those?) and a lot of trial and error. These days most of us cannot imagine life without this revolutionary piece of technology guiding our travels. In fact, many of us get lost without an artificial voice telling us where to turn left. No company has yet to come close to Google’s directional wizardry so it’s no wonder that there is a … Continue reading

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Today’s technology predicted by movies

Future tech collage

Many movies have been created that take place far into the future. A Clockwork Orange, 12 Monkeys, the Back to the Future trilogy and Robocop are just some of the many movies that serve as an example of this. However, it is not only a great way to tell stories but it has also been known to have a major impact on the technology we see and use today. Driverless cars everywhere Driverless cars have many aliases including autonomous, self-driving and driver-free cars. Basically it … Continue reading

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