Beyond search: the Google tools you need to know about

Google tools

When most people think of Google, they think of search. However, since its 1996 inception, Google has expanded its services and products to way beyond what it started out to do. Here are some of the tools that Google has added to its repertoire that can help expand your knowledge: Google Trends ( If you want to know what people are searching for the most at the moment, then Google Trends is your go-to site. Explore what YouTube videos are globally the most popular, what … Continue reading

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How Google Now can boost your efficiency


Last week we discussed the background of Apple’s Siri and all of the commands that you can give this intelligent voice assistant. Now those of you who do not use Apple need not feel left out, because Google has developed its very own voice-activated helper specifically for Android and the Google Chrome web browser, called Google Now. Here is the lowdown on Google Now and how it can boost your efficiency. Some background info on Google Now Google Now is an intelligent personal assistant created … Continue reading

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Meet Siri, your new best friend

Apple Siri voice assistant

Many people dismiss the thought of talking to a smartphone’s voice assistant as ridiculous or impractical, but don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. A voice assistant like Apple’s Siri can be valuable for organising mundane everyday tasks, for getting things done at times when you’re not able to physically pick up your phone (like when driving) or just saving a bit of valuable time here and there. Voice assistants can play a helpful role in one’s busy life if you can get past the … Continue reading

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How to increase the battery life of your iPhone or Android smartphone

Increase smartphone battery life

The longevity of smartphone batteries seems to be the one thing that manufacturers just can’t get right, no matter how advanced technology becomes. The battery of a new phone may be great for the first few weeks after you get it, but then it starts to decline. While we may accept the fact that smartphone batteries are just not meant to be awesome (yet), there are some tricks you can try to get more juice from your iPhone and Android smartphone batteries. For iPhone* Signal … Continue reading

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Highlights from SXSW Interactive 2015

SXSW Interactive Logo on crowd

South By Southwest™ or SXSW may not sound very familiar to you – but it is one of the more popular yearly events in the world right now. This set of film, music and interactive festivals and conferences is held in Austin, Texas, usually occurs within the month of March and was first held in 1987. Over the years it has boomed, and SXSW has now become the place to be for film buffs, music lovers and tech enthusiasts. This event is well-known for showcasing … Continue reading

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Facts about the Internet that will blow your mind

Browsing the Internet

The first website ever created is still online. The creator of the World Wide Web, Tim Berners-Lee was working for CERN (the European Organization for Nuclear Research) when he created the first website. It was published on 6 August 1991 and explained what the World Wide Web project was, the people involved in it, technical details of the World Wide Web and more. The current online version of the website is actually a copy since the original was not preserved. It has undergone 2 years … Continue reading

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Is your company market- or product-orientated?

Market- or product-orientation?

Your company has decided to enlist a market research agency to help you establish product or service viability, discover new market trends, keep ahead of competitors, reduce risk, and increase profitability. But first, you need to discover if your company is market- or product-orientated as this will allow you to know what direction the research will be guided in. The characteristics of a market-orientated company: In a market-oriented company, the focus falls solely on what customers need or want and then products or services are … Continue reading

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Things you didn’t know your Apple earphones could do

If you own an iPhone or iPod you are no doubt familiar with the all-white Apple EarPods, or EarBuds from the earlier generations, that came with your purchase. Many people only use their EarPods to occasionally listen to music, and others even forego them completely in favour of other brands. What you may not know is that those bland-looking EarPods are not only earphones but also a remote for your iPhone. Let us uncover the hidden features that could make your life much easier when … Continue reading

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Celebrating 25 years of Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop Dream On

Photoshop forever changed the world of design and animation, and is an invaluable tool for any designer. In honour of Adobe Photoshop’s 25th birthday last week we take a brief look at the history of this editing software. 25-year history of Adobe Photoshop In 1987 Thomas Knoll, a PhD student at the University of Michigan, wrote a program on his Macintosh Plus that would display greyscale images on a monochrome display. It was called Display, and caught the attention of his brother John Knoll, who … Continue reading

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Unusual uses for nanotechnology


“Nanotechnology is the manipulation of matter on an atomic, subatomic or supramolecular scale. The word ‘nano’ in nanotechnology means very small or minute.” Despite its out-of-this-world background, nanotechnology can be extremely useful to the everyday Joe (or Jill) on the street. Here’s how. Quicker phone charging How frustrating is it that in this day and age we still struggle with smartphones that have batteries that don’t last long and take too long to charge? Scientists from Ramat Gan in Israel are now using nanotechnology to … Continue reading

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