Become a power Twitter user

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Many people use Twitter to stay updated on the latest news and to see what trends the most relevant people in their industry are predicting. This is about as far as it goes for most people yet there are many features on Twitter that can enhance your experience even further and help you stay ahead of the curve.

The top weekly Twitter stories

Last year Summify joined forces with Twitter. Summify is a service that summarizes (the name gives it away) the latest social media news feeds for you, only choosing the relevant stories to send to you. This service, in conjunction with Twitter, sends relevant news stories to you through either email, web or mobile. Their addition to the Twitter family means that they gather all of the stories that you may have missed when offline and then filter them to only display the ones that have the most suitable pieces of information or the tweets most relevant or interesting to you.

Many of you may have seen this email digest in your inbox but probably ignored it due to it seeming like too much information to look through. Yet it is invaluable for those who cannot spend inordinate amounts of time waiting for the most interesting tweets to appear on their feed.. It also shows you whether the people or brands that you are following, are giving you the stories that are most helpful or useful to what you want to achieve.

Expansions and summaries

Companies that are involved in the social media realm on a regular basis have no doubt posted links or retweets at one point or another. Twitter has introduced a function that allows one to expand tweets to view extra details such as who has retweeted it, who has responded to a particular tweet, at what time it was tweeted and more.

Summaries, another added feature, allows you to see a summary of a link that has been posted. For example, if a news site has posted a link to one of their articles, one can click on summary and it will show you a preview of the article before you click through to the original site along with photos. Both of these features are currently wishy-washy as they do not appear to be added to all tweets or Twitter accounts but they are very a positive move for companies who tweet links to their site on a regular basis. Where people often do not click a link because it doesn’t sound interesting to them, they might change their mind once they see a summary.

Follow suggest

Some of you may have seen this box next to your Twitter feed but instead of it being on the sideline, rather take the time to make use of it. This box shows you accounts that you can follow based on the people you already have in your Twitter feed and the tweets that you regularly send out or retweet. This way one can see who the most popular people are to follow which will in turn teach you where their strengths lie by looking at what makes them so popular. One can also see this feature in action by clicking on “who to follow” in the upper left-hand corner of your account.

Tailored trends

Right beneath the box that suggests people to follow, you will no doubt notice another box with hashtags galore. This is the Twitter trend box. Depending on the area settings you prefer, you will see what people on Twitter are talking about. One can change the settings to show you what the worldwide trends are or focus specifically on your country of origin.

This may not seem like an important feature but it can help you stay on trend with what the rest of the country or world is talking about. Many people click on the trend that they find interesting and it shows you all of the tweets that talk about that trend. Make use of hashtags to add the latest trend to your tweet, appear in the trend stream and lure more followers to your account who may not have noticed you before.

Negative keyword targeting

Many people may have seen what is called “promoted tweets”. These are tweets of a particular company or brand that are advertised to relevant people to capture attention more easily. Having your company or brand appear in relevant search results is very important but there may come a time when you have to compete with results that do not match what you are doing, thus giving away valuable airtime to tweets that are irrelevant.

Therefore Twitter has added a feature called Negative Keyword Targeting. This allows a company to buy a specific key term without users being spammed with tweets that are not related to what they were searching for in the first place. For example, if you are a planetarium you can buy the word “Mars”. Then you can add the word “Bruno” as your negative keyword to avoid searches coming up with Bruno Mars, the musician, instead of Mars the planet.

Soon-to-be released features

Twitter has started releasing a download feature but there are only a select few that have seen this in action. This feature will allow you to download all of your tweets from the very first one and will place them in a calendar format. This way you can see how your tweets have evolved over time. If a particular time in your tweeting history has created a negative impact on your following or response from followers you can make a note to avoid this in future. Then you can adjust your tweets according to what has the best response and what suits the image your brand has created so far. A great feature with which to judge consistency.

Sometimes it would be great to know what is going on in your immediate location but so far it has only been possible to see what is going on in your country (which, for most people, is a very large area to cover). But Twitter is looking to making a feature available that will show you tweets based on these people being within a certain radius of you. Thus you can see what a person sitting in an office across the road from you is tweeting about. This will be great for businesses who want to see what their competitors are doing, getting into contact with people in close proximity and seeing what the trends in their most immediate location is.