Business-focused mobile apps to amp up your productivity

Mobile business apps

To maintain that delicate balance between your business and personal life, you sometimes need a little help. With the seemingly unstoppable rise of mobile apps, that help is nearby. Apart from Maxxor’s own business mobile apps, we have also collected a few other mobile apps that you can use to increase your productivity and organize your life with ease.


This free Android app has been voted one of the top 10 must-have applications by the New York Times. Evernote, with its funky green elephant icon, will help you run every important aspect of your life with effortless efficiency.

Evernote can be compared to an old-fashioned paper notebook with its ability to make to-do lists and capture ideas for when creative genius hits. Some of the many wonderful advantages that Evernote can provide you are :

  • Take notes on your mobile device while in a business meeting or workshop and then share these notes with others.
  • Save any important web pages to your desktop and view them offline at your own convenience.
  • Capture photos of places or events while you are on the go. These photos can then be organized in any way you prefer that can make your business life easier and your research smarter.
  • Travel itineraries are no problem with the Evernote as it helps you keep track of all flight times and accommodation. Any receipts for claims can also be saved with this app.
  • Store business cards when you are networking with clients.

Evernote can also be synched with other applications, tweets can be saved to your Evernote account and you can e-mail colleagues notes that they might find useful. The possibilities for improved productivity are endless.

Similar applications: Microsoft OneNote, Springpad

Microsoft OneDrive (previously SkyDrive)

Microsoft OneDrive (prev SkyDrive)

With the amount of information that you need to deal with on a daily basis, you often need more space to keep all that is important and relevant to you and your business. Microsoft’s OneDrive service helps you to save all documents, videos and photos to all devices that you currently use. No matter where you go or from where you are trying to access something, it will always be at your disposal.

It is like a backup for all of your files and will ensure that you never lose that important document at the most critical time. You can access multiple documents at a time and even open OneDrive while using other applications. You can also access files shared with you in the past and share all the files you want with others via e-mail or any other application with a similar feature.

Similar applications: Dropbox, Google Drive, SugarSync


The Internet is a wealth of information and it should be utilised to its full potential. Your business should always stay up-to-date on the latest industry news and Flipboard is the ideal way to do that without having to trawl the internet for hours.

Flipboard mobile appSimply choose the news that you would like to see according to categories Flipboard has set up and instantly you can start to flip through the stories and articles that are most relevant to you.


With Flipboard there is also great social media connectivity. Just set up your personalised Flipboard to extract topics from Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and others that you might find helpful. You can also save any interesting articles or headlines using apps like Instapaper or Readability for when you have more time to browse at your leisure.

Similar applications: Pulse, Google Currents


Skype for Business

Networking is extremely valuable no matter in what type of business environment you find yourself. With dozens of new messenger apps on the market, you might find yourself struggling to keep track of all the new chat options to connect with clients and colleagues alike.

Skype remains the one constant in a sea of new messaging applications. You may already be aware of the benefits that Skype can provide you. Services that are free with Skype include instant messaging, contact storage, one-to-one video calls and voice calls made between Skype users. All businesses will inevitably need and use conference calling. What you may not know is that you can set up multi-person video conferencing with Skype. You can connect with as many as five individuals at a low monthly cost. No need for expensive and complicated video conferencing hardware.

Skype can be used as an application on any Windows Phone, Android phone, iPhone and iPad so no need to only use your PC to stay connected. All-in-all Skype has many advantages for the business user and keeping in touch does not have to cost you an arm and a leg.

Similar applications: IM+, GTalk, Slack, Lync