Weighing in on the best messaging apps

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Facebook recently forked out approximately $16 billion (reports differ on the exact amount) to purchase the popular messaging service, WhatsApp. With Facebook Messenger not having the success that was anticipated, this acquisition is aimed at tightening Facebook’s grip on communication via mobile devices. Whether this purchase of WhatsApp is a good or bad thing (people are already bracing themselves for third-party apps and invasive ads), still remains to be seen. The co-founder of WhatsApp once wrote a personalized note to his CEO saying, “No ads! … Continue reading

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Augmented reality present in our lives today

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Google Glass may have brought it to the foreground but augmented reality has been with us for a longer time than most of us might realize. Augmented reality can best be explained as enhancing or augmenting the physical, real-world environment with computer-generated sensory input. This sensory input can consist of video, sound, graphics and more. It is basically using technology to extend the senses you already possess. To be involved with augmented reality does not necessarily mean that you need to have fancy, technologically advanced … Continue reading

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An app a day

Technology can simplify your life in some many ways but it can only do so once you have mastered the art of knowing how to make it useful. Only confusion lies ahead if you use a myriad of different apps but do not assign them a specific job or role in your life. Take a typical day in the life of (nearly) everyone and see how technology can change your day for the better. Waking up (is hard to do) We all dread the alarm … Continue reading

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How to know if an app is safe

Application software

With over 500,000 in the Google Play store alone, it is easy to get sucked in by the vast amount of apps available. Not all apps being punted are created equal when it comes to safety. As with anything else, there are some things that you need to keep a lookout for when purchasing or installing an app to stay safe from online danger. When you are confronted with the idea of purchasing or downloading a new app, your first stop will be an app … Continue reading

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Reduce your mobile data bill

Reduce your mobile data

Smartphone usage is exploding everywhere but many people have to rely on limited data plans or prepaid billing to get their Internet fix. Make sure that you are using your mobile data as economically as possible to squeeze every bit of benefit from it that you can. Block Ads The fact that apps are free but they are free for a reason. Many developers release these free apps and then use ads to generate revenue. When an app keeps downloading and refreshing ads it is … Continue reading

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Mobile apps to help manage your finances

Expensify mobile app

Your smartphone or tablet is always by your side and mobile apps are the new innovation that is here to stay. These apps can do everything from making your communication with the outside world easier to monitoring your eating habits. Why not make use of all the new technology at your fingertips to make your business life easier too? Take a look at these two leading-edge mobile apps with which to keep track of your business (and personal) finances: Expensify A truly easy-to-use application for … Continue reading

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Social networks you might not know about

Social Media

Everyone knows about (and most people use) social networks Facebook and Twitter. However, the social networking world extends beyond these two behemoths. In this article we look at several other lesser known but popular social networks. mig33 When you log on to mig33’s website, you are greeted by fun animated characters and bright colours. And this is the approach you will notice everywhere you go. This social media site (that can be used with WAP, J2ME, Blackberry and Android phones) was first designed to increase … Continue reading

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The best mobile sites to bookmark

Apps may be the next big thing but for those moments when you would prefer not to have to download a large app or when you just want to kill a few minutes doing something entertaining, mobile sites are the way to go. Good webmasters build compact, pretty and user-friendly mobile versions of their sites to capture and maintain the attention of their mobile visitors. For the next time you want a quick browse, here are a variety of great-looking and useful mobile sites to check … Continue reading

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