VR, smart assistants and messaging – the Google I/O 2016 lowdown

Google I/O 2016

Google’s much-anticipated annual Innovation in the Open (or I/O) developer conference ran from 18 to 20 May 2016. There was certainly a lot of talk prior to the event about possible Google-related announcements, and a lot of information was squeezed into this three-day get-together. Here is the lowdown on the most vital parts of this year’s event: Allo, Google Assistant and Duo Allo is Google’s new messaging app, powered by artificial intelligence (AI), to rival other similar offerings like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Telegram. It … Continue reading

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The meanings behind well-known tech company names

Meaning of tech company names

Shakespeare famously mused, “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” With this he meant to say that names are useless things that do not alter the value of the thing itself. In modern times, however, it can be argued that a name is actually very powerful especially in the business world. When we hear certain names, we immediately associate it with a service, a product or a feeling. So, how did the tech company … Continue reading

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What big tech releases had us talking in 2015?

Windows 10 iPhone 6S Steam Android M Apple Watch

New tech releases abounded in 2015 but nowadays this isn’t a big surprise. The world of technology is moving so fast that one almost expects to hear of new and exciting gadgets every day. In case you missed out, we’ve rounded up the most important tech releases of 2015: Apple Watch As soon as it was announced, Apple fans were anticipating the April 2015 release of the Apple Watch. This wearable, with its curved screen and interchangeable straps, starts at $349 for the Sports edition … Continue reading

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Tech news stories that ruled headlines in 2015

Tech News 2015

2015 seems to have been the year for tech controversies. To end off the year we’ve gathered some of the biggest tech-related news stories that grabbed the world’s attention. We will cover product releases and the like in another, upcoming post. Peeple – Yelp for people There are countless weird apps to download such as “Places I’ve Pooped” or “Cat Paint”. But one particular app, called Peeple, captured the world’s attention like no other in 2015. The Peeple app caused controversy because it is essentially … Continue reading

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Windows 10 features to fawn over

Microsoft Windows 10 Start menu tiles

July 2015 saw the consumer release of Microsoft’s much-anticipated Windows 10. It is described as an operating system as a service that has ongoing updates to features and functionality similar to a mobile app. Since its release Windows 10 has received overwhelmingly positive reviews and critics are glad to see the return of the much-loved Start button. Windows 10 is currently installed on more than 10 million devices, and we thought we’d take a look at some of the interesting features to be found on … Continue reading

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The next chapter in Microsoft’s history

Microsoft Windows 10 Edge

Windows is one of the most well-known PC operating systems across the world. It is currently being used by around 1.5 billion people and Microsoft Office is the go-to productivity software for 1.2 billion people. It is the operating system that serves as an introduction to the world of personal computers for the majority of people. In September 2014 Microsoft officially unveiled Windows 10 (codenamed Threshold) as a unified platform for desktop computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones and other all-in-one devices. The company said that the … Continue reading

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28 free online resources to explore

Free online resources

Free stuff is always awesome, right? Especially if it is of great quality. This week we’ve curated a range of free Internet resources for you to explore to your heart’s content. Stock photography • Death to Stock (http://deathtothestockphoto.com/): This site sends high quality images to your inbox each month. The images come from professional US and Canadian photographers who are sent on road trips and assignments to capture awesome images. • Pexels (http://www.pexels.com/): Over 2,000 photos and counting under the Creative Commons Zero license. You … Continue reading

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Beyond search: the Google tools you need to know about

Google tools

When most people think of Google, they think of search. However, since its 1996 inception, Google has expanded its services and products to way beyond what it started out to do. Here are some of the tools that Google has added to its repertoire that can help expand your knowledge: Google Trends (https://www.google.com/trends/) If you want to know what people are searching for the most at the moment, then Google Trends is your go-to site. Explore what YouTube videos are globally the most popular, what … Continue reading

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