Maxxor achieves a Microsoft Gold Application Development Competency

Microsoft Partner Gold Application Development Competency

Maxxor, a leader in software and application development, has achieved the coveted Gold Application Development Competency as part of Microsoft’s Partner Network initiative. In order to achieve this status, our team of developers aced exams that demonstrate their proficiency in Windows, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Visual Studio and Windows Server alongside receiving the MCSD: App Builder certification. Furthermore, we showcased our skills by submitting customer references regarding some of our most successful projects including the Vodacom Rugby App, Fuel Online and Citizenship Works. Through attaining Microsoft’s … Continue reading

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Top 10 Google Chrome extensions

Google Chrome extensions

Google Chrome is currently the most-used browser in the world by a long shot. One of the (many) reasons it’s so popular is because of the extensions which expands what you can do with your browser. Here are some of the best Chrome extensions currently out there that you can install today for free: There are a million things to keep track of on a daily basis and sometimes a piece of paper with scribbles on it simply doesn’t work. is a very … Continue reading

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5 cool Gmail features to try out today

Google Gmail

These days everyone and their dog has a Gmail account. But, while you might be using it every day, there are many cool (and easy-to-use) features in Gmail that you are likely missing out on. Take a look at some of the best ones available that you can start using immediately: Mass unsubscribe If you’re getting too many emails from a mailing list you’ve subscribed to, there’s a handy link in Gmail next to senders of mass emails’ addresses. Not all emails will have this … Continue reading

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Apple shows off at WWDC 2016

Apple WWDC 2016

Apple’s annual WWDC (Worldwide Developer Conference) is an event that showcases all of Apple’s products, updates and technologies to software developers and the world. Attendees get hands-on labs with Apple engineers and in-depth sessions about various Apple-related topics. So, what did this year’s conference bring? The return of macOS and the Sierra update The operating system of the Mac, Apple’s personal computer, underwent a name change from OS X to macOS, which is a return to its original name. The current operating system, known as … Continue reading

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Why is everyone talking about bots?

Bots Facebook Messenger Clippy

“Bots” is a word you are likely to see in the news a lot this year. Facebook recently announced the release of a developer platform that allows people to create bots for their Messenger app in an attempt to unify online experiences even further. Microsoft, Telegram, Slack and other big companies have already embraced bots as an integral part of their services through the creation of their own online bot stores. To help keep you in the loop, we delve deeper into what bots are, … Continue reading

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VR, smart assistants and messaging – the Google I/O 2016 lowdown

Google I/O 2016

Google’s much-anticipated annual Innovation in the Open (or I/O) developer conference ran from 18 to 20 May 2016. There was certainly a lot of talk prior to the event about possible Google-related announcements, and a lot of information was squeezed into this three-day get-together. Here is the lowdown on the most vital parts of this year’s event: Allo, Google Assistant and Duo Allo is Google’s new messaging app, powered by artificial intelligence (AI), to rival other similar offerings like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Telegram. It … Continue reading

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The meanings behind well-known tech company names

Meaning of tech company names

Shakespeare famously mused, “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” With this he meant to say that names are useless things that do not alter the value of the thing itself. In modern times, however, it can be argued that a name is actually very powerful especially in the business world. When we hear certain names, we immediately associate it with a service, a product or a feeling. So, how did the tech company … Continue reading

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What big tech releases had us talking in 2015?

Windows 10 iPhone 6S Steam Android M Apple Watch

New tech releases abounded in 2015 but nowadays this isn’t a big surprise. The world of technology is moving so fast that one almost expects to hear of new and exciting gadgets every day. In case you missed out, we’ve rounded up the most important tech releases of 2015: Apple Watch As soon as it was announced, Apple fans were anticipating the April 2015 release of the Apple Watch. This wearable, with its curved screen and interchangeable straps, starts at $349 for the Sports edition … Continue reading

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