Immi wins two Webby awards for a Maxxor-developed website

Immi Website - Webby Awards

One of Maxxor’s American-based clients, Pro Bono Net, together with the Immigration Advocates Network, has won a Webby Award as well as the Webby People’s Voice Award for their new interactive platform ( Immi was created by the Immigration Advocates Network and Pro Bono Net, two non-profit organizations dedicated to increasing access to justice for low-income immigrants in the United States. They help immigrants understand their legal options and their website provides the necessary information and legal advice, all free of charge. Immi’s impact has … Continue reading

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Publishing software to rival Adobe InDesign

Publishing software Adobe

Adobe InDesign and Illustrator are the go-to desktop publishing and design software programs for many designers and the marketing departments of large companies. However, there are many other, less costly software options available that can give you more or less the same features and results. Take a look at some of the publishing software solutions that we’ve gathered for you. Microsoft Office Publisher Why spend money on a separate program when there is already software available in your Microsoft Office pack? MS Publisher is great … Continue reading

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No Photoshop? Free image editing tools to the rescue!

Online editing example

Many people think that you need Photoshop to create great-looking photos. But Photoshop is expensive software to purchase if you only need it to edit something now and then. Instagram is another great option to use if you want the option to add filters and effects to your photos but there are only so many to choose from and not everyone wants to create an account just to do that. Luckily, the Internet offers a wide variety of quality photo editing tools that are free … Continue reading

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The stories behind well-known tech logos and mascots

PicMonkey Collage transparent

Ever wondered what a fat little penguin has to do with a certain open source operating system? Or why Macintosh has become synonymous with an apple that has a bite taken out of it? We take a look at some of the more famous logos and mascots of the tech world and the stories behind their conception. Tux the Linux penguin Even people who have never used Linux have probably seen Tux, the penguin mascot of this open-source operating system. Tux was the result of … Continue reading

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Online technologies helping to better the world

online tech charity

The online world has a bit of a split personality. On the one hand, the advancement and development of new online technologies help make our lives more productive and efficient. And then there is all the stuff that fuels the fun side of life like the development of games, silly apps and social media. But there are other areas in which online technologies can play a very important role. One of these areas is as an enabler for charities and non-profit organizations. In 2006, Scott Harrison founded Charity: water, a … Continue reading

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Creating an online shop that works

E-commerce online shopping

It doesn’t matter if you’re small fry or big business; an online shop can be invaluable to you but only if it is designed with all the features required kept in mind. These features are, however, quite different from that of a brick and mortar shop. If you have decided to take the step to launching an online shop, take into account these following issues that might make or break the success of your endeavour: First of all, know what the company creating your online … Continue reading

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Questions to ask before redesigning your website

Colour chart checking

Redesigning your website is a big step for many companies as this means getting rid of something that may have been around for many years. Often it is essential for companies to get a new website because the site’s style and information may be outdated or the company may have gone into a new direction that requires a different approach. In order for the designers and developers to give you the type of site that is in your best interest, take time out to answer … Continue reading

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Best WordPress plugins to use

Wordpress Plugins

WordPress is one of the most popular professional blogging platforms today. There are many plugins available on WordPress that you can use to help you improve your blog’s potential to reach your desired audience and capture the attention of those that can aid in elevating your company’s image. NextGEN gallery This gallery plugin has become one of the most popular downloads for WordPress in recent years. It has various features that one would think is something that WordPress already has and a gallery plugin is … Continue reading

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