Enhancing your social media presence

Social media is no longer something that can be discarded as not being useful in business. Companies needs to take note of all of the things you can do to improve their business’ social media presence, and what you can learn from companies already doing it well.

Listen and respond

@DellCares Twitter

Many businesses set up social media accounts but never make an effort to respond when queries or questions arise. A company such as Dell has devised a plan whereby separate accounts are setup to answer customer queries. An example would be their Twitter account @DellCares where customers are invited to raise any Dell-related issues.

It does not simply begin and end with opening an account. When giving customers an opportunity to speak up, make sure that you not only listen but also respond. Dell does this by replying to all queries immediately and adding the name of a representative to ensure that an open channel of communication remains. When you show people that you actually read tweets or posts, you will automatically generate more in return.

Involve your customers

design your own threadless

Customers are your most important asset and involving them in your business will make them feel valued and heard. Ways in which you can do this is asking them for input in your next brand name or asking them what they would like to change about something. The Threadless brand does this creatively well by asking customers to design t-shirts for them on a regular basis and then the best designs get printed. Their “about” page even acknowledges that their clients make the ideas. Along with this, links on their Facebook page lead you back to their website which, in turn, increases traffic.

coca-cola your stories

Another way, as illustrated by Coca-Cola, is to put a spotlight on your customers by using their stories to show how they contributed to the success of the brand. A special page has been created by Coca-Cola displaying stories from brand lovers all over the world and how they enjoy the brand. By featuring customers individually they are made to feel special and become even more eager to make contributions to future “stories”.

Remember your roots

starbucks most liked picture

One of the most liked Facebook brand posts of 2012 was a picture posted by Starbucks showing the very first Starbucks shop that opened and where it all started for this well-known brand. Disney is another company that makes use of its long history to entertain its customers by posting movie stills from years back and commenting on it with catchphrases that those who love Disney movies will know well.

Disney nostalgia

Even if you have a business that does not provide opportunity for a lot of nostalgic pictures you can still utilize this tip. Simply focus on how far you have come as a company, where you started and then, most importantly, mention how you are going forward into the future. This will provide customers with a sense of security (because of an established history) and a feeling of moving forward to bigger and better things.

Have a sense of humour

Skittles fun FB page

Having a sense of humour makes followers and fans forget that you are merely a business trying to sell a product or service. This does not, however, mean that you must descend into silly, nonsensical humour but rather focus on bringing your brand’s name and purpose into the fun bits you post.

Skittles is a company that combines fun with business quite effortlessly. One would not see Skittles as being a serious brand when looking at their Facebook page but it is a business nonetheless. Their humorous posts, such as “a world without Skittles is like a circus without clowns”; still incorporate their brand name without it looking like a deliberate selling attempt.

Ask questions

Kellogg's UK quizzes and questions

Asking questions is a way to create a buzz surrounding your brand and making fans or followers become more interactive. When a discussion is generated, more and more people will start talking about the brand and hopefully share the conversations that they are having with their friends. Asking questions also encourages people to think more about what the brand represents for them and what they want from the brand, along with making them feel a part of the brand’s future.

Kellogg’s UK has a Facebook page that asks many questions, for example, about what type of cereal fans like and how they eat certain products from their ranges. Another feature that they have incorporated is a Friday trivia post that asks trivia questions that relate back to the brand itself. None of the questions, however, are senseless or out-of-context. They always incorporate the brand’s name or its history.

Stimulate your users with pictures, videos and games

Red Bull cover page

Making use of pictures is a great way of getting new readers as many people prefer to look at pictures and videos before they will move on to reading articles.

Take Red Bull image-heavy approach. Red Bull is one of the top 10 most liked Facebook brand pages and is synonymous with sponsoring sports events like the Flugtag and King of the Air. On their Facebook and Twitter pages they supply an endless stream of high-quality images of adrenaline-filled sports events and along with that they will post a link to an article. This way interest is generated via the image, giving people the opportunity to read an article they supply after they have looked at the picture.

Fans of Red Bull also get videos, a 24-hour TV channel and games to play when they like their page. This may not be possible for all businesses to do but it serves as inspiration for those wanting to ramp up their social media presence.

Be consistent with your brand image

Red Bull Twitter

You may have a fun-filled Twitter or Facebook page but do you follow through with this throughout your social media presence? Brand identity is very important as it attracts the right kind of customers that you want to buy your brand.

Using Red Bull as an example again, they market their brand to people who are adventurous and who need constant stimulation (hence the need for energy drinks). Their website links in with their Twitter and Facebook seamlessly as they keep the sports trend going throughout by mentioning, for example, events they are sponsoring and pulling it through to all social media accounts as well as their website. There is no doubt left as to what they are promoting.

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