Good E-commerce Website Design

What makes good e-commerce website design? The truth is this is going to be truly hard to answer, as everyone will have their own preference when it comes to looks, layouts, and even content. After reviewing some of the more popular e-commerce websites on the Net, we’ve listed some good examples of ones that stand out simply because they have captured the attention, hearts and purchases of many.


Crate&Barrel is a very popular brand in the United States, and by looking at its site design, you will understand why. It’s one of the most professional-looking websites out there. It’s clean and easy to navigate. Great deals are found on the homepage, which never fail to capture the fancy of those who want to get discounts or fabulous items at a much cheaper price. Shopping is also convenient as their products and services are well categorised. Pictures pop out from the screen, while the texts are bold, clear, and huge but do not hurt the eyes.


Another example of excellent e-commerce website design is the Patagonia online store. It may not be as clean as Crate&Barrel (the bottom section of Patagonia’s homepage is quite cluttered), but it makes up for it by providing the most detailed information about their products. A lot of e-commerce sellers are just happy to put up the photos of their products, thinking that buyers can already figure out what their products are about. Shopping at Patagonia means not wasting money on something that you really don’t want. The bottom section of the website shows you the other items commonly searched by visitors, so you can get an idea of what products are popular. The items are also rated, so you will know what’s hot and what’s not.


For any first-time online shopper, ShopCurious may be quite difficult to navigate because the terms used in menus are not as common as Products or Sales and Promos. However, when you analyse it more closely, this e-commerce website has given this business an advantage because it has developed its own identity which is completely different from other e-commerce websites and vintage shops out there. It also has a more personalised way of introducing the person behind the online shop. Most of all, the products are well described, not only in words but with images too. Each of the products comes with alternate images, so you can see different angles of the product. You can also see reviews or feedback from other customers at the bottom part of the product page.


This e-commerce site has a catchy title, interesting catchphrase, detailed images, and bold choice of colours. How can this e-commerce design possibly go wrong? Only a few websites can actually pull off having black as a background because often it dominates the colour of the copy. Even when the fonts are smaller, they are still very easy to read on this site. You can also easily navigate through your personal account. At the very top of the website you can find My Cart, My Wish list, Checkout, Log In, and My Account.