Your guide to the biggest YouTube gamers

Cry YouTube gamer

YouTube is a part of all of our lives. Whether we use it to look up funny cat videos or watch tutorials, we have all experienced the magic of this video sharing site. Many people may not realize what an immense community YouTubers are, and how many of them share every part of their lives and interests on the site for all to see.

A big part of this YouTuber community consists of gamers who put videos up of them playing games (called “Let’s Play” videos) as a way of reviewing gameplay or purely for viewers’ entertainment. Ahead of this year’s Vidcon (a massive yearly convention for the online video community), taking place from June 26 to June 28, we present to you the top YouTube gamers that you need to start watching today:

PewDiePie (

If you follow any kind of YouTube news at all, you have most certainly heard of Pewdiepie. Currently, he has over 28 million subscribers, making him one of the most successful YouTubers of all time.

Pewdiepie is a Swede and his real name is Felix Kjellberg. He created his gaming channel in April of 2009 and had reached a million subscribers by 2012. His main focus is playing games and then providing commentary on these games while playing. He is known for doing mainly horror and action video games but is also known for doing more silly games like Goat Simulator and Happy Wheels.

Many people adore PewDiePie for his over-the-top; expletive-filled rants (often with a little bit of Swedish thrown in) while playing games. This is also the same reason why many serious gamers dislike him, claiming that his reactions to games are too exaggerated and only serve to get him more views. Recently he put up a video of him using a shock collar on himself every time he swears (a bit extreme!)

His subscribers call themselves the “Bro Army” because he always addresses his fans as “bros”. In the last couple of years he has begun doing other, more personal videos about his life alongside his YouTuber girlfriend Marzia Bisognin (known as CutiePieMarzia on YouTube). Even though many people have said that PewDiePie makes too much money from what he is doing on YouTube, he has used his fame on the site to raise millions for charity organizations so that is to be commended.

Many people start loving his channel because he is a very “normal” guy and clearly loves what he does. He also uploads more than any other gamer on YouTube (often several times in one day) which shows a lot of dedication in keeping his channel fresh.

Most popular upload: (A Funny Montage)

Smosh Games (

Smosh is a duo made up of Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla who started out their YouTube career posting a comedy web series. Anthony’s first videos were flash movies published on Newgrounds (an entertainment website that hosts Flash animations and games) and Ian later joined him. They started posting videos on YouTube in 2005 and in 2012 they started up their video game channel called Smosh Games.

Smosh Games is more of a collaboration channel where the original Smosh creators (Ian and Anthony) come together with four other content creators and play games. The Smosh Games channel holds the record for reaching 1 million subscribers in the shortest amount of time, due in part to their very successful Smosh channel.

Smosh Games takes on more of a game show feel and is more interested in the entertainment value it gives than serious commentary. For example, there is Backseat Gaming where one host plays a game but with someone else sitting behind them telling them what to do. Another series is Gamer Nation where individuals talk about the newest games, what they are most excited about and news in the gaming world. One of Smosh Games’ newest ventures is 16-Bit High School, an animated web series about video game characters in high school.

If you like silly, not-so-serious gaming then this is the channel you should be watching. The hosts are often not that good at some games but that’s where the comedy of it comes in. It is a very relatable format for those of us who do games for fun and not for winning. The editing and sound of their videos are often top-quality.

Most popular upload: (Slender Man Makes Us Cry [Gametime w/Smosh])

Cryaotic (

Cryaotic (most people only refer to him as Cry) has amassed over 1 million subscribers on YouTube since starting his journey in 2006. He is known as the mystery man of YouTube since his face is rarely seen and his identity is (mostly) a secret. Cry has a round white cartoon face with a line for a smile to go with the channel making him seem like a video game character all on his own. The reason behind all the secrecy is that Cry wants to be known for the quality of his content more than anything else.

One of Cry’s most recognizable features is his soothing, deep voice. Many people comment on his ability to make even the worst games seem interesting just because of his voice. Cry is most well-known for Let’s Play videos with a focus on horror-themed games and he occasionally does co-op gaming with PewDiePie since they are good friends in real life.

Aside from playing games on his channel, he also reads horror stories to his subscribers and does a live stream every Saturday. He uploads almost every day of the week with the exception of Sundays.

Most popular upload: (Cry Plays: Facade: Alexander Edition)

Markiplier (

Markiplier or Mark Fischbach is a voice actor and comedian who does video game commentary on mostly survival horror and action games. This Hawaiian-born YouTuber only started his popular channel in 2012 but already has over 2 million subscribers.

Even though his fans are there for his great gameplay commentary, they stay because of his charity live streams (most of the funds go towards cancer research due to his father’s death from the illness just as Mark finished high school). One of the other things that set Markiplier apart from the rest of the YouTuber gamers is his real-life gaming sketches where he acts out games as if they were set in real life situations.

He does collaborations with many other YouTube gamers which are always entertaining to watch and he manages to finish every game he starts, no matter how difficult, scary or frustrating.

Most popular upload: (Markiplier Highlights #6)

OfficialNerdCubed (

Nerd3 or Daniel Hardcastle (there is still some speculation as to whether this is his real name) is the brains behind the OfficialNerdCubed YouTube channel. He has almost 2 million subscribers currently. He is well-known for sayings such as “Hello, procrastinators!” and “Death in your general direction”.

Nerd3 does mostly Let’s Play videos that are often only 1 episode on a particular game and these videos are anything from 15 minutes to an hour long. He usually talks a bit about the game itself (an overview if you will) and then plays a part of it.

Even Nerd3’s real-life dad has a channel on YouTube and they have Father and Son-days where they play games like LittleBigPlanet. Other series on his channel include Nerd3 Challenges (Daniel does challenges set by himself or the community), Alpha Detective videos where Daniel plays games that are still in the early stages of development and Nerd3 101 where he gives his first impressions of various games.

He recently also started a vlogging channel called Officiallynerdcubed where you get to see behind-the-scenes footage of Daniel making videos and some videos of his personal life. He is well-known for his great editing skills and relatable personality.

Most popular upload: (Nerd3 Plays… Surgeon Simulator 2013: Steam Version)