Mobile gaming in 2014 – what ruled the roost?

Seeing as most of us have some sort of mobile device nowadays, whether it be a tablet or smartphone, we decided to take a look at what mobile games the top dogs listed as the best of the year 2014. Instead of dividing the list of games according to the operating systems they are designed for, we have decided to make life easier by picking games that both Android and iOS users can download and play. If you see an asterisk (*) next to a game’s title that means Windows users can also join in the fun!

Spider-Man Unlimited (free) *

This arcade adventure game has been created to feel like it is taken directly from the Marvel comic books. Your job in the game is to recruit fellow Spider-Men and Spider-Women (like Scarlet Spider, Spider-Man Noir and Cosmic Spider-Man) to combat the Sinister Six villians.

It is a web-runner game where you can swing, run, wall climb and skydive to your heart’s content. There is also a Story Mode with 5 boss battles in total and 25 missions to complete per issue. There are various dimensions you can flit in and out of to battle any of the evil supervillians that come your way.

God of Light (free) *

Here we have a physics puzzle game that will make you think while keeping you entertained at the same time.

Take control of Shiny, the game mascot, to help save the universe from impending darkness. Seek out objects that reflect, split, combine, paint, bend and teleport rays of light in order to activate Sources of Light. It has 5 different worlds to explore and a total of 125 levels.

Peggle Blast (free)

Peggle Blast headline

Peggle used to be one of the most popular PC puzzle games out there – before tablets and smartphones became big. Now you can carry on the addictive fun on your mobile device.

The best way to describe this game is to compare it to old-fashioned pinball. You get a certain number of balls per level to shoot out of cannons in order to clear all of the orange pegs or complete some other sort of mission. You get to learn from fantastical Peggle Masters (each with their own special powers you can utilise) on how to acquire bonus points and improve your style shots.

Marvel Contest of Champions (free)

Marvel Contest of Champions

It has been said that many people regret starting to play this game in the first place. Not because it’s bad but because it’s so addictive!

In the game you assemble your very own team of Marvel heroes and villians to help you conquer the given quests and ultimately prevent the destruction of the Marvel universe. You can level up your team members to improve their stats, abilities and special moves so that you have the most powerful team ever.

Five Nights at Freddy’s 1 & 2 (both $2.99)

This horror game and its sequel have taken the mobile gaming world by storm in 2014. You are the newly-hired night watchmen at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza. The main attraction at Freddy’s is the animatronic robots that are programmed to entertain the crowd during the day. However, at night, they seem to take on a life of their own and it is your job to monitor them. If you don’t do your job well enough with only security cameras and a limited amount of electricity at your disposal, the animatronics will stuff you and turn you into one of them!

The gameplay is extremely simplistic and not much movement is required on your part but it may be because of that that this game is so successfully terrifying.

Leo’s Fortune ($4.99) *

leo's fortune

Leo’s Fortune was voted as one of the best iOS games of 2014 and received an Apple Design Award. This is a beautifully designed platform adventure game wherein you play Leo, a furry blue ball that goes after the cunning thief that has stolen his beloved gold.

The 24 handcrafted levels go from mossy forests to arid deserts. It is a physics-based game where you have to survive dangerous traps in order to advance and get back that gold!

Heads Up! ($0.99) *

This game has been a favorite amongst popular YouTubers and has even been played on Ellen DeGeneres’ talk show. It truly is a game that families and friends alike can play over the holidays.

If you like games like 30 Seconds and charades, you will love this game. Pick a category (everything from naming celebrities to accents and singing popular songs) or create your own. To play the game, you hold your mobile device with the screen facing your partner. When something appears on the screen, your partner acts it out and you have to guess what it is. Then flip the screen up or down depending on if you’re right or wrong to move on to the next round.

Minecraft – Pocket Edition ($6.99) *


This game has been a smash hit ever since it was released in 2009 by independent Swedish studio Mojang. It was originally a PC game but now the handheld version has received its biggest update yet to make it even more playable.

Minecraft is an open world game that has no specific goals. You merely use blocks (that can be made from water, dirt, stone, etc.) as you please in order to build your own world. You can also craft other items like armour and weapons in the game. The game is infinitely more complicated than the description but the best way to find out how is to play it.

Cut the Rope 2 (free)

cut the rope

Another physics-based puzzler, the first edition of Cut the Rope was immensely popular (it won numerous awards) and now it seems the sequel will match its success.

You play a little green monster by the name of Om Nom that really likes candy. In every level of this game the candy he so badly wants is tied to a rope and it’s your job to cut it loose in order for him to be able to eat it. That seems easy doesn’t it? However, there are always a myriad of obstacles standing in the way of Om Nom and his beloved candy.

In the second edition of this game, there is more emphasis on the storyline, other monstrous characters besides Om Nom to choose from and a more interactive, dynamic environment.

Trivia Crack (free and $2.99 version available) *

Do you like displaying your vast general knowledge? If so, then Trivia Crack is the game for you.

The idea is to pit players against each other to test their trivia abilities. The category you play is chosen through spinning a wheel. There are 6 categories overall – art, science, sports, entertainment, geography and history – as well as a special “crown” category. Each category is represented by a special character that you have to acquire by playing and winning rounds against opponents. The first to get all the characters, wins the match.