The best mobile sites to bookmark

Apps may be the next big thing but for those moments when you would prefer not to have to download a large app or when you just want to kill a few minutes doing something entertaining, mobile sites are the way to go. Good webmasters build compact, pretty and user-friendly mobile versions of their sites to capture and maintain the attention of their mobile visitors. For the next time you want a quick browse, here are a variety of great-looking and useful mobile sites to check out. The list is varied and eclectic. Hopefully, there is something here to appeal to all tastes.

Flickr (

If you like to live your life one image at a time, the mobile site for Flickr is the place to go. Flickr remains one of the best and most popular online photo sharing sites, and now you can manage your photos on your mobile. The navigation on this beautiful site is very user-friendly. You can search through thousands of photos, browse through the images that Flickr found to be most interesting or upload your own. There is even a feature that links you with people who are in your immediate vicinity to see what they have been sharing.

Lifehacker (

Lifehacker is a site for making your life simpler. You can find advice on everything from choosing the best dress shirt to optimizing your Google searches. Everyone can appreciate their insightful articles. The mobile version provides you with an immediate overview of the newest articles of the day and then you simply scroll down to find older or archived articles. And, of course, an easy search option is available at the top of the page (though it could have been made a bit more visible for better readability).

Flightstats (

Many of you are always on the move and you need to be aware of any changes beforehand so as not to miss that important flight. Flightstats is perfect for saving time and eliminating worries as you can check the weather conditions of the airport you are travelling to, see whether a flight has been delayed or cancelled and check any available flights that may come up when the going gets urgent. When mobile simply won’t do anymore, they provide the option of downloading a free app.

Food Network (

Sometimes you come home late from work and you have no idea what to make for dinner. If you keep the Food Network’s mobile site handy, you will never have to resort to eating microwave food when all you want is a home cooked meal. Great for browsing when shopping as the ingredients are there for you to see immediately and are well-organized. They have categories that vary from weeknight meals, soups, breakfast and snacks, and you can browse their blog. They have added beautiful pictures to their recipes and a homepage link underneath each one to make navigation easier.

popurls (

If it is offbeat news you want, popurls is the site for you. This no-fuss mobile site immediately provides you with quick links to the most read and liked articles from sites such as Reddit, Digg, The Huffington Post, Chime and much more. It also neatly combines all the popular articles of that moment under a separate category for when you do not want to sift through each site individually.

Wikipedia (

Wikipedia is still the mainstay of all searches for knowledge so it would stand to reason that they would have a great mobile site to browse. One would not think that such vast amounts of information can be jammed onto a tiny screen but this site’s homepage and navigation is clutter-free and easy to read. One simply sees the day’s featured article and a
search bar so that there’s nothing to distract you from the information you need now.

Financial Times (

Life cannot be all fun and games so for those who like to keep up-to-date with the latest financial news, the mobile site of Financial Times will keep you in the loop. It has a very simple and straightforward design but this helps tremendously when reading complicated, information-driven articles. It helps to mention that you do have to register (for free) to read all of the articles and there is an eight article limit per month.


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