Mobile strategy explored


We recently hosted a successful breakfast event entitled “Towards the mobile enterprise”. The event speakers gave an overview of the mobile landscape, highlighted the main challenges and opportunities that companies face in the mobile space, and outlined potential strategies to implement. Here are some of the key takeouts from the event that are worth mentioning:

  • The South African mobile market is very different to the USA market. Mobile strategies and plans that work there will not necessarily work here!
  • The mobile opportunity in the consumer space is the ability to deliver rich mobile experiences that keep customers coming back for more.
  • The opportunity in the enterprise mobility space is the ability to empower your workforce with internal line of business apps to do business from anywhere.
  • Companies need to be moving to the platforms where their users are moving to.
  • The new Windows 8 platform provides a common runtime so that the same consumer or enterprise app can run on a PC, tablet or phone.
  • Possible solutions to the proliferation of mobile platforms is to do cross-platform mobile development using HTML5 or Adobe AIR.
  • Adobe AIR allows Flash developers to use their skills to build mobile apps that can be published to all the major mobile platforms.
  • HTML5 is getting lots of airplay and attention. It is probably not suitable yet for graphics-intensive games / entertainment apps but is more than sufficient for most enterprise mobile apps.
  • Enterprise apps that have heavy data / syncing / offline requirements are probably best implemented as native mobile apps.
  • One way in which the mobile app stores trump the mobile web is that they allow for app discovery.
  • Maxxor offers a Mobile Strategy Development process which is intended for businesses who are excited by the prospects offered by new mobile technologies but who are unsure of how to proceed. A half day workshop is followed by a comprehensive business audit in order to map your current and potential mobile capabilities. The end result is a defined mobile strategy and an actionable plan on how to use mobile to both reach out to consumers as well as to improve internal productivity.