Online Easter eggs to discover

Online Easter eggs - name edit

Easter eggs (or hidden features) are always fun to discover and waste time with. Some Easter eggs can even be useful in optimizing your online experience. We have put together a few of the many hidden features lurking on the Internet and in your browser.


YouTube always has a myriad of great Easter eggs to keep you entertained. Here are only a few of the ones we gathered:

Star Wars animation

When you type “Use the Force Luke” into the YouTube search bar some crazy animation effects will appear on your screen.

Stats for Nerds

On any YouTube video, simply right-click on the video (whether it is paused or playing) and you will see the words “Stats for Nerds”. If you click on this you will see a rundown of statistics for the video including the dimensions, frames and volume percentage.

Star Trek tech on your screen

Type “Beam me up Scotty” into YouTube toolbar and your search results will appear on your screen as if being transported from another time.

beam me up scotty 1

Make your screen Harlem Shake

Remember the viral dance craze the Harlem Shake? Typing the words “Do the Harlem Shake” into your YouTube search bar will start playing the song (if you’re in the office it might be wise to turn your sound off) and make your entire screen start shaking as soon as the beat drops.

Much wow

Doge (slang word for the word “dog”) is one of the most popular memes to come from the Internet. It features images of a dog breed called Shiba Inus (or Shiba for short) with sarcastic captions in multi-coloured Comic Sans font. The captions are all in broken English and supposed to be the dog’s internal monologue. Examples of captions include, “Much wow” and “Such great”.

If you type in the words “Doge meme” into the YouTube search bar, the search results will appear in rainbow-coloured Comic Sans font.

Doge meme - Easter egg


1998 Google

Want to reminisce about the 90s? Search “Google in 1998” and the search results will display in the style of a website from 1998. You do have the option of returning to the present.

1998 Google - Easter egg


Typing in “Google Pacman” into Google’s search engine will make a playable version of the game appear on the screen. Enjoy!

Google Pacman - Easter egg

Flashy HTML

Searching for the words “blink HTML” will make your search results blink. Unfortunately the <blink> tag has been killed off in certain places since it is considered dangerous to sufferers of epilepsy and seizures.

They see me scrolling

Another ridiculed HTML tag called marquee is getting some recognition on Google. If you search “marquee HTML” the search results at the top start to scroll from right to left.

I’m Feeling…

All of us have seen the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button underneath the Google search bar on their homepage. If you hover your mouse pointer over the button, it will scroll through a variety of options like “I’m Feeling Hungry”, “I’m Feeling Wonderful” and “I’m Feeling Doodley”.

I'm feeling... - Easter egg

Six degrees of Kevin Bacon

It is said that any celebrity or actor involved in Hollywood can be linked to the actor Kevin Bacon through film roles in six or less steps. If you search “bacon number (insert celebrity name here)”, Google will show you the path to follow in order to link that celebrity with Kevin Bacon. For example, enter “bacon number Al Pacino” and it will show you that Al Pacino starred in the Godfather with Robert Duvall who in turn starred in Jayne Mansfield’s Car with Kevin Bacon.


Pin tab

This feature is not truly hidden but some people might not be using it as of yet. It is great to use for pages that you know you never want to close. Just open a tab of the website you want to pin (for example, Gmail or Google Drive) and right-click on it. You will see an option that says “Pin tab”. This will convert the tab into a favicon (short for favourite icon) and keep it open no matter if you close and reopen the browser again.


Type “about:memory” into your address bar and it will show you how much memory each page and process is consuming.

Copy only text

Sometimes you would like to copy the text from a webpage but when you do so, all of the HTML and CSS comes along with it. So, if you only want the text to be pasted without all of the formatting, use Ctrl-Shift-V (instead of Ctrl-V as you usually would).


Hidden messages

Typing something after “about:” will get you some useful as well as strange things. For example, typing “about:robots” will give you a warning message about robots and what they are capable of. Typing “about:mozilla” gives you a text from the “Book of Mozilla” with ominous apocalyptic text.

All about everything

To find all of the “about:” pages in Firefox, type in “about:about” and a list of these will appear for your enjoyment.