Social networks you might not know about

Social Media

Everyone knows about (and most people use) social networks Facebook and Twitter. However, the social networking world extends beyond these two behemoths. In this article we look at several other lesser known but popular social networks.


When you log on to mig33’s website, you are greeted by fun animated characters and bright colours. And this is the approach you will notice everywhere you go. This social media site (that can be used with WAP, J2ME, Blackberry and Android phones) was first designed to increase the functionality of mobile phones beyond phone calls and SMS. A chat system was developed and it grew from there. mig33 is quite popular in Asia with Indonesia and India having the biggest mig33 audiences.

Each person starts their mig33 adventure by creating a virtual character that suits their personality. You can customize your avatar with special items that you can buy or that is gifted to you. The chat feature has now evolved to a point where you can have both private and group chats in specialized chat rooms.

The site also includes a miniblog, a merchant program (where you buy migcredits in bulk and sell them to others) and games you can play through third-party users and in chat rooms.

MocoSpace has become a very popular mobile social network in the United States. The network differentiates itself by being built with HTML5 for mobile. That means it is a standalone mobile site that can be visited by anyone with access to the mobile web. Its focus is mainly on the gaming community and it is currently the largest of its kind in the United States.

Even though the focus of MocoSpace is mainly mobile games, one can also chat with other users using the instant messaging facility, post videos and photos, and exchange eCards. You have your own personalized profile with which you can participate in forums, write on blogs and even try your luck with dating (an area aptly called “Love”).


If you enjoy sites like Instagram, you will enjoy the great quality that Path can offer you. Path has chosen a mobile-first and mobile-only strategy. It is only available to use on your mobile device so no web version for desktop users. Path started out as an iPhone app but has now spread its wings to include Android.

With Path you create a personal journal or “path” where you share your life moments as they happen. One of the features of Path is that you are limited to only 150 friends. This means that the people you are connecting with are truly of some significance to your life story and you limit the amount of lesser quality interactions you have. This feature also means that more personal information is shared as it stays within a close-knit community that you feel comfortable with.

Path provides you with one single feed that contains all the information you want to learn from your community. Information that you will share include when you wake up and when you go to bed, videos, photos, the music you are currently listening to, when you travel to a new area and who you are with at that moment.

To further interact with your community, you have the option of responding to a life moment with one of five emotions varying from a smile to a frown. The interactive nature of Path is greatly enhanced by the option of seeing when others read your posts and when they view your profile. On other social networking sites this may usually be seen as an invasion of privacy but as you are able to be more picky about who you interact with on Path, this is not something you have to avoid.

Niche social networks

Social networking sites are now becoming less general and moving towards niche markets. Sites aimed at a specific religious population help those who are like-minded to interact with one another without fear of being intimated by those who do not share the same views.

Christian, Jewish and other denominational social networking sites are growing in popularity as many are rebelling against the content of modern day social media. Godtube is the Christian answer to Youtube with only wholesome, family-orientated videos uploaded. Jewish individuals go to Frumchat, a site that takes on the look and feel of Facebook, to share their views on life with those that follow a similar lifestyle. This focus on a specific target market helps to connect individuals who, in modern society, may not be living in a community where there are people they can easily relate to.

Niche social networks can come in all shapes and forms, not only religious. For the animal lovers out there, Dogster and Catster helps you share all those special moments you have with your pet. DeviantART caters to the artists of the world, providing a platform where they can share their artworks and art lovers can then comment. For those who have heard of Pinterest, you can find a great alternative in the site Gentlemint. Yes, you guessed it; it is a male version of Pinterest where men can share what is most interesting and relevant to them without lace and puppies overwhelming them.

The community of social networks has become much wider than just Facebook and Twitter, with sites catering to every kind of interest and need popping up all over the place. All you need to do is look beyond what you are used to seeing.


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