Software developers can be creative

Two of our team members, Ofentse and Danielle recently joined a workshop run by the Cape IT Initiative entitled ‘Coders get creative’. The idea was to get software developers and digital designers to work together to produce a completed artwork made from old computer and cellphone parts.

Here’s Danielle’s account of the day:

When Ofentse asked me to join him for the coders are creative work shop I didn’t know what to expect but his positive energy was so infectious I couldn’t resist.

9 o’clock sharp we met up in front of the venue and walked into the building, which is still undergoing a complete renovation, and wander towards the part which we will be based for the day. As we walked into the Barn we were pleasantly surprised at the elegance and sophistication that lay in front of us. Our host welcomed us and explained our mission for the day: Proving that coders and people from the I.T industry can be artistically creative while using scrap computer parts and bringing forth their vision for a “Green I.T industry” in Cape Town.

So we got stuck in, drawing some rough ideas. We eventually decided on a, anthropomorphic droid. The thought behind it being that the future generations will be born with more knowledge than the generation before it due to the ever expanding technological world and access to more knowledge. A person in Australia for example can understand and experience the world and life experiences of another in Africa simply by accessing the Internet. Therefore we are more knowledgeable and experienced and exposed to various cultures without physically having to go the place.

We had a great time building our “masterpiece”, tweaking it and adding all kinds if crazy details such as sunglasses and spikes/ridges to the back similar to those found on a dragon.

The creation is an “unknown” piece. We couldn’t come up with a name, but we are sure it’s something that a viewer can engage with and formulate all sorts of ideas. It is open to interpretation.