The best tech and gaming podcasts for your listening pleasure


Podcasts used to be the forgotten stepchildren of the entertainment world, but have become increasingly popular in the last two years or so. Apps for listening to podcasts are popping up everywhere and the hosts of podcasts are getting airtime on television and traditional radio – and in 2014 even served as inspiration for the Kevin Smith movie Tusk.

We’re starting the year off with a list of the best technology and gaming podcasts currently out there. Once you’ve expanded your horizons and finished going through this list, why not explore further? There is bound to be something that is pleasing to your ears – and best of all, they are free!


TEDTalks Technology

The fun thing about this podcast is the fact that each episode features a new presenter talking about a topic they are both knowledgeable and passionate about. Get stuck into topics like 3D printing, augmented reality, computer interfaces, social media, apps and much more.


This CBC Radio-produced podcast presented by Nora Young (a broadcaster, writer and documentarian) focuses on the newest technology, sociology related to this and fresh ideas. Each show features interviews with people in the know, and it often feels as if you are listening to a documentary.


Presented by fast-talking Patrick Norton and Shannon Morse, you can get this podcast in both audio and video format. Shows are usually about 30 minutes long, a comfortable length of time to listen to any podcast. They present and discuss the freshest technology news with enthusiasm, and even have bite-sized shows in between (called Tekzilla Bites) that are usually under 5 minutes, for those days when you need information quickly.

This Week in Tech (TWiT)

TWiT has a definite radio feel to it, mainly because of the presenter Leo Laporte. TWiT is not only a podcast but is part of a community of netcasts. This podcast incorporates news, commentary, how-to guides and perspectives on the latest tech trends. The one thing that can be annoying is the ads at the start of each podcast (bear in mind that all podcasts are free), but you can always skip ahead to the good bits.

TWiT also has many other podcast and video channels focusing on topics such as coding, marketing, law, Google, iPad, Android and more (see The Tech Guy with Leo Laporte is also a great podcast for tech wizards.

The Vergecast

The Vergecast seems like an obvious choice for an article on technology podcasts since it is from the brains that created one of the most popular technology websites out there, The Verge. However, this weekly podcast is not strictly technology as it often ventures off into topics about popular culture and entertainment. It first aired in November 2011, took a very brief hiatus in March of 2014 but is still going strong today. The podcast also includes a video stream of the hosts. Another weekly podcast from the same editorial team at The Verge is The Verge Mobile Show which primarily focuses on any news on mobile phones.


Idle Thumbs

This weekly podcast hosted by video game industry insiders was started simply for fun, where random conversations between the presenters were recorded and put on the Internet. Basically the presenters describe their podcast as an arena where they get to talk about a topic they are passionate about, i.e. video games. The same guys created the podcast Three Moves Ahead, where war and strategy games are discussed.

Giant Bombcast

This weekly video game podcast developed from a popular website and wiki Giant Bomb that features personality-driven gaming videos, commentary, news and reviews. It was created by former Gamespot editors. The podcasters discuss the games they have played, industry news, recently released games and emails received from frequent listeners (there are over 10 000 in total). The podcast has previously been recorded live in Tokyo and at various big expos around the world.

Game Design Roundtable Podcast

If you’re looking for something a bit more technical, this podcast is for you. It is presented by professional game designers and people who work in the industry are brought in to be guests. They discuss the design, development and creation of both digital and tabletop games.
Podcasts can be listened to on platforms like iTunes and Soundcloud as well as through podcast apps (also known as podcatchers) like Podcast Addict, Overcast, Pocket Casts, Instacasts, Downcast and Podwrangler. Try out a few and then decide which app is best for you.