Top 10 Google Chrome extensions

Google Chrome extensions

Google Chrome is currently the most-used browser in the world by a long shot. One of the (many) reasons it’s so popular is because of the extensions which expands what you can do with your browser.

Here are some of the best Chrome extensions currently out there that you can install today for free:

There are a million things to keep track of on a daily basis and sometimes a piece of paper with scribbles on it simply doesn’t work. is a very popular to-do list manager that’s not only available on the web, Android and iPhone but also as an extension. You need an account to use but this means you can sync your info across all of your connected devices. This extension is very simplistic but that’s what makes it so great. You can either view your tasks according to time (today, tomorrow, later, someday) or list (personal, work, organizing, finances). You can set reminders when you add a new task as well as add notes, files or sub-tasks.

Boomerang for Gmail

This extension allows you to write a Gmail message now and schedule it to be sent at a later time or date even when you’re not online. You can also schedule recurring message to be sent out as well as delay incoming messages. Boomerang can also set reminders for you on sending an email or to let you know when you haven’t received a reply within a certain amount of time.

Cite This For Me: Web Citer

Students rejoice! Drawing up citations for your assignments can be a pain with all of the rules you need to remember. This extension generates correctly formatted citations from any page you choose in the Harvard, APA, MLA or Chicago referencing styles which you then just copy and paste into your assignment. You can also save citations for later use.


Disconnect Google Chrome Extension

This extension is for perfect for those serious about online privacy. Disconnect blocks third-party trackers from collecting your information while browsing. This is not only safer for you but can increase your battery life, make your Internet faster and save bandwidth. It also has a VPN service so you can access blocked websites by masking your location.

Magic Actions for YouTube

If you’re an avid fan of YouTube then this extension will make viewing even better. Magic Actions gives you features like mouse wheel volume control, auto HD capabilities, dynamic backlight with colour presets, Stop Autoplay, a night theme, enlarged video thumbnails with mouse-over and more.


If you are one of those people who always have a string of tabs open all at once, then OneTab is the solution. When you get overwhelmed with tabs, click on OneTab and it consolidates all of the tabs you currently have opened into a list. You can now look at them all at once or restore them one-by-one. Apparently, according to OneTab, it can reduce memory consumption by 95% and help your computer turn on from sleep mode much faster.


If you work within your browser a lot, then Papier is very useful. Instead of using a physical notebook, you can capture any thoughts or ideas you have in the moment by simply opening up a new tab. You don’t need an account because all of your notes are saved directly to Chrome for later access. You can choose Day or Night mode, print your notes and count the number of characters you are typing.


Pocket Extension App

Sometimes you just don’t have the time to read a long blog post or watch a video. The Pocket extension helps you save webpages, articles, recipes, videos and so on to look at later. It preserves the content in an easy-to-read format but you can also view it on the original website if you like. It is available to use offline as well as on your phone or tablet while out and about.

Smart Tab Mute

Chrome already has a great feature that allows you to mute a particular tab if it starts playing sound in the background you don’t want to hear or temporarily want to tune out. But sometimes multiple tabs will start making noise at the same time. This extension ensures that only one tab plays sound at a time whilst muting the others.


You’ve got work to do but YouTube, Reddit, Facebook and other time-wasters are calling out to you. The StayFocusd extension makes sure you stay on track by limiting the amount of time you can spend on certain websites. Once you’ve used up your allocated time on a website it is blocked for the rest of the day. You can block entire websites, certain pages on a website or even in-page content like videos or images.