Video editing on your phone

Video editing apps on your phone

Nowadays one can do many things yourself that you may have previously not been able to do without buying expensive equipment or completing a course. Creating your own movie is a great example of this. With multiple video editing apps on the market, you can fashion yourself to be the new Steven Spielberg, even if it is only with a video of your dog playing in the garden.

Magisto (free on both iOS and Android)

Magisto Android Screenshots

Magisto is an intuitive app that only involves three steps to creating your own movie. You choose your video (either by shooting one while in-app or choosing one that you already have in your gallery), add a soundtrack and then an appropriate title. The reason it is called an intuitive app is because it analyzes your video, chooses the best or most climactic parts and then adds the scenes together to create a complete video.

Montaj (free on iOS)

This is one of the newer video editing apps on the market. Its calling card is the fact that you need to shake your phone to change or enable an edit. You take a clip of your choice and then you are asked to choose the best 5-second clips (no more, no less) from your video. On their storyboard screen you can then edit these clips by shaking your phone to shuffle between the clips, audio and filters. The soundtrack to your video you can upload directly from iTunes and then you can share the video through social media sites like Youtube.

Viddy (free on both iOS and Android)

Update: Viddy shut down in November 2014

Viddy focuses more on the social media aspect of creating videos, thus there are many opportunities to add your video to Facebook or other sites. You can also add hashtags and geotagging. It also prides itself on having a wide variety of video effects that you can apply to your video, from vintage to futuristic to high-contrast looks. It is sometimes likened to Instagram but with the use of videos.

SocialCam (free on both iOS and Android)

Update: SocialCam shut down in November 2015

Speaking of Instagram, here is a video editing app that takes it one step further. Creating videos on this app is not a private affair. You are required to create a profile where you can share the videos you have created with friends (but there is the option of creating private videos for your eyes only) and you even get a live feed of your friends’ favourite videos. All videos are stored in the cloud and can therefore be viewed from any of your devices. A handful of vintage video filters and a front-facing camera has recently been added.

Skype Qik (free on both iOS and Android)

Update: Microsoft retire the Qik app in March 2016

This app has recently been acquired by the creators of Skype. You also need to create a profile but this serves more as an archive for your created videos. While recording your video it is automatically saved and you can stream your videos live to viewers of your choice. Videos can be recorded while you are offline as well and you can connect to Facebook, Youtube, e-mail, WordPress and so forth. Another fun feature is the fact that you can chat with your friends while viewing your edited videos. You can also add up to 13 tinting effects to your real-time chats and calls.