Web apps for the HR department

Web apps for the HR department

Here are some web apps and sites that your human resources department may find helpful when managing their everyday tasks.

Jobvite (http://www.jobvite.com)

Integrating social media with your recruitment has not only become an option but is now moving towards becoming a requirement. Jobvite allows you to use social media as a support system for your recruitment needs.

Jobvite has three separate tools for use namely Hire, Engage and Refer. You can link multiple social networks with one type of technology to centralize the way you recruit. Openings are automatically fed to free job sites such as Indeed, SimplyHired and Jobvite’s Twitter channels in categories based on the industry it is in. One can keep track of information regarding recruitment across 300 channels through Applicant Tracking software. Facebook applications are also provided to enhance recruitment on this social network.

This application provides two-way integration for Microsoft Outlook and Gmail. Recruitment information is broadcast automatically (such as whether a job is still pending, already taken or removed) to the mobile devices and email accounts of job seekers and other people of interest. One can specifically decline or approve an applicant based on parameters you set out at the start of recruiting that match to their resumes or social network profiles such as LinkedIn. There are also processes in place for current employees to refer their social network connections for a particular job.

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PaySpace (http://www.payspace.co.za)

This SaaS business software offers employees and human resources managers access to information in real-time on any device (such as a smartphone) and with HTML5 technology. Some of the information that human resources managers can access include employee dependant details, payslip information, IRP5s and IT3As, tax YTDs (PaySpace has created the Easyfile system that those familiar with SARS already know) and pay rates. PaySpace also automatically calculates amounts for PAYE, UIF, SDL and OID to ensure compliance.

Employees have access to their own profiles with payslips stored for future reference. As soon as an employee’s salary has been calculated, an email is sent out to the employee in question with their payslip attached in a .zip file (to ensure security). These files can also be viewed online at any time. Employees can also view the balances of their sick, annual and family responsibility leave. Leave can be applied, approved or declined online, and emails are constantly exchanged to keep both the manager and employee up-to-date.

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HR Focus (http://www.hr-focus.com)

Apart from the usual resources that PaySpace mentioned above provides, HR Focus provides services called Diversity Focus and Research Focus. Diversity Focus enables companies that need to comply with the Employment Equity Act to set goals and specifically developed software shows companies how to achieve these goals.

With Research Focus one receives tools with which to design campaigns, gather information from employees, assess and understand the information that has been received and then improve your human resources based on this assessment. This tool also identifies any future and current risk areas and provides measures with which to see the effectiveness of your action plan.

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Shiftplanning (http://www.shiftplanning.com)

Not all jobs are straightforward 9 to 5 and some human resources departments have to deal with the complicated issue of scheduling shifts. Shift Planning offers solutions for both small businesses with less than 100 employees and also big businesses with large amounts of employees and multiple locations. This site has a wizard to lessen the complication of creating shifts in a manner that suits both employee and management, and free training is provided to those new to the system.

The shift scheduling is easy since one can drag and drop shifts any time, and it saves all changes automatically so that no edits are lost. You can preset amounts to show you when you are over- or understaffed, and employees can handle shift trades and movements on their own but management can still keep track of these in real-time.

Shift Planning also provides a clock in service where employees that are out in the field can clock in with their mobile devices. When clocking in, a webcam snapshot of the person clocking in is taken so that others cannot clock in on their behalf. An overall view of employee clocking behaviour can be seen (to monitor absences and those who frequently arrive at work late) and one can supervise activity on mobile devices remotely.

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