The top 7 tech channels on YouTube

YouTube tech channels collage

YouTube makes it possible for anyone to have access to the best and latest information available. Tech channels have grown tremendously on this video sharing site with millions of people watching and subscribing every day. Here are some of the best YouTube tech-related channels for getting your daily fix and helping you to research your next purchase:

Unbox Therapy (

The Unbox Therapy channel has high quality, clear videos with a knowledgeable host that is passionate about the tech he shows. Presented by Lewis Hilsenteger, this channel mainly focuses on the unboxing (or unpacking) of consumer electronics like phones, laptops, consoles and more. Unboxing videos usually only show the packaging as it is opened and gives a first impression of what the product looks like without reviewing it. However, Hilsenteger does a bit of both and became famous last year for bending an iPhone 6 Plus to prove that the phone does indeed bend as some people had claimed. Apart from unboxing, he also discusses specs, tackles DIY projects (like customizing an Apple Watch), compares products with each other, as well as announce the latest tech deals. The videos are very informative and get to the point very quickly.

Marques Brownlee (

Marques Brownlee (or MKBHD as he is otherwise known) has the most subscribed technology channel on YouTube with around 2.7 million subscribers and counting. At only 21 years old, Marques was named “one of the best technology reviewers on the planet right now” by one of Google VPs. His videos focus on reviewing newly-released products like phones, laptops, cameras and more, alongside products he already owns. He provides intelligent, detailed information in an easy-to-understand format. Occasionally he also uploads informative top-5 or question and answer videos.

The Verge (

The Verge is best known for being a leading tech-related website, but they also have a great high-quality YouTube channel. They don’t just cover tech but also provide the latest science, art and culture news.

What’s great about The Verge’s YouTube channel is that it has a wide variety of topics. Everything from hoverboards and smartphones, to games and virtual reality is covered but from a tech industry perspective. Aside from reviews, the channel further provides coverage and discussions on the latest news, short documentaries and interviews alongside their very own podcast called The Vergecast.


CNET is another technology website that has ventured into the world of YouTube. Their site features news, articles, reviews, blogs and podcasts all relating to the tech industry. Their videos don’t simply focus on the usual unboxing and hands-on reviews, but it also explores unusual new apps, start philosophical discussion on tech’s influence on our lives, and venture into non-tech areas like a behind-the-scenes look at Disney.

Austin Evans (

Many people have compared Austin Evans with fellow YouTuber Marques Brownlee (mentioned above). They are both very good at what they do. If you want honest information about the latest tech with none of the useless fillers that some YouTubers tend to add in, then Austin is your guy. Aside from the usual reviews, Austin’s most uploaded videos are those exploring questions about specific tech issues and then giving answers to them. Examples of these include questions about whether a specific upgrade is worth it, whether gaming on a Macbook is a good idea, and which smartphone is the fastest. Other worthwhile videos from Austin to watch are informative chats about the inner workings of tech, comparisons between similar products, and dispelling myths about tech.

Google Tech Talks (

Google is perhaps best known for being a search engine, but they have certainly branched out into many fields and now also have their own YouTube channel called Google Tech Talks. This channel goes deeper into the tech and science industry than other similar channels, let’s just say they follow a more philosophical approach.

If you want to expand your knowledge as a developer, or someone working in the tech industry, then this is the place to do that. Some of their best uploads for developers include:

There are many more talks to explore aside from these, but these videos will prove very helpful and is a great place to start.

Android Authority (

If you’re an Android fan, this channel should become your go-to channel. Android Authority is not only a YouTube channel but also has a companion website ( On the website people can get the latest Android news in article form, troubleshoot issues they are having in special forums, or simply discuss Android-related features.

On the channel you will find hands-on reviews of the latest Android products, how-to guides, monthly lists of the best Android games and apps, and weekly roundups of the latest tech news. The channel features a variety of reviewers and presenters so you’re bound to find something you like.