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Enterprise Systems

Enterprise Systems

There is an increased need for collaboration, communication and business automation in today's virtual organisations. Information technology and data management have therefore become strategic to business. We build enterprise systems that help improve processes, reduce costs, promote customer loyalty, and increase revenues. By outsourcing your enterprise software development to a provider like Maxxor, you can continue to focus on your core competencies.

Business Software

Do you require custom business software to manage your business better? Our business application development experience spans a wide range of industries. We have experience with building complex billing systems, custom ERP (enterprise resource planning) systems and virtually every kind of business information management system.

Some of the previous enterprise software systems we have worked on include:

  • ERP (enterprise resource planning) systems
  • Billing systems
  • CRM (customer relationship management) systems
  • Learner management systems for education institutions
  • Sales tracking systems
  • Custom CMS's (content management systems)
  • Recruitment management systems and candidate databases
  • Intranets and extranets
  • Travel booking systems
  • Email communication systems
  • Mobile messaging platforms

Whatever your business problem, we can propose a solution. Contact us now to improve your business performance.

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