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Market Research

Maxxor has partnered with leading market research agency MQ Market Intelligence to provide market research services to our clients. MQ Market Intelligence is a full service market research company specializing in customized quantitative and qualitative consumer and business-to-business research. MQ was established in 2008 and is based in Cape Town, South Africa.

Combining Maxxor's technical expertise with MQ's extensive experience in market research allows our clients to benefit from the most recent technology as well as time-tested best practice approaches to understanding markets and consumer behaviour.

Market Intelligence - Discover the face of Africa

In partnership with MQ we offer the following market research services:

  • Advertising evaluation
  • Consumer attitude and usage studies
  • Customer satisfaction studies
  • Desktop research
  • Feasibility studies
  • Retail and merchandising audit solutions
  • Multi-client customized consumer research
  • Mystery evaluations
  • Product placements and acceptance tests
  • Tracking studies

Our Approach

Our research approach emphasises one-on-one personal interactions to ensure a full understanding of the client's target market. We are at the cutting edge of new technologies, research techniques and analysis tools which ensures that our clients get the most appropriate and effective project execution.

MQ Market Intelligence focuses on field work execution and we are experts in engaging with the client's market in face-to-face or telephonic conversations regardless of the respondent's physical location. We excel at performing rigorous analysis to find meaningful insights for our clients. Helping clients to understand what their customers mean, not just what they say, is the essence of our value proposition.

MQ is built on the expertise and experience of Sabine Frielinghaus, the company's Managing Director. Sabine has almost 20 years' experience working with some of South Africa's top companies in research, marketing, strategy and organizational development.

What our clients say

  • Quantum Foods

    “The results of the consumer research by MQMI were presented in an easy to understand manner and gave me insight into consumer behaviour.” , General Manager: Commercial, Quantum Foods

  • Orley Foods

    “MQMI's thorough examination of our customers' business expectations will enable us to put meaningful plans in place to reach these goals.” , National Sales Manager, Orley Foods

  • Pioneer Foods

    “MQMI's service over the past two months was one of the best experiences with a service provider that I have had to date. MQMI was professional, knew their subject very well and is a pleasure to work with. They gave me a whole new perspective on customer surveys and service delivery, and I am so thankful that they are on board with us.” , Manager: Project Management Office, Pioneer Foods

  • Tydstroom Poultry

    “MQMI has being involved with Tydstroom Poultry over the last couple of years. They have assisted us in investigating the option to expand our business into a value-added operation, as well as facilitate some of our sales and marketing strategies. MQMI's insight is always highly appreciated as well their work ethics being of the highest standard I have experienced.” , Sales and Marketing Manager, Tydstroom

  • WITS Business School

    “In our experience with the market research team, we have found that they are highly independent in engaging in work, are self-starting and have a natural curiosity. These qualities ensure fast mastery of the subject matter. Credible interpersonal engagement with clients is complimented by excellent listening and observation skills. Time management was excellent alongside great strategic framing and insights.” , Infochoice, WITS Business School

  • Southern African Poultry Association

    “MQMI has been working with SAPA for many years and always offer very effective and valuable insights. The research contributes immensely to our Association and allows us to make informed decisions. MQMI is highly professional and a great company to work with.” , Brand Manager, Southern African Poultry Association

  • Nulaid

    “MQMI has helped us with market research and has done facilitation for Nulaid for the last 5 years. The research that they do is always accurate and is presented in such a way that we can make informed decisions for short-term as well as long-term strategies. As facilitators, they are the masters of their field. They get everyone around the table involved and part of the process. The company is very professional and always a pleasure to work with. I would definitely recommend MQMI to anyone.” , National Sales Manager, Nulaid