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Mobile Applications

At Maxxor we take pride in being industry leaders with our innovative products and services. Our mobile applications are designed to meet the needs of businesses who want to communicate with and interact with their online audiences on various mobile platforms.

Onsight Mobile Sales App

Onsight Mobile Product

Many companies have sales management software that doesn't work on mobile devices. Onsight is a mobile sales app that boasts features light years ahead of most other sales apps. Manage your accounts and contacts from any mobile device; showcase your product in a slick mobile app; generate quotes and orders from your client's premises; and get a bird's eye view of all your sales activities.

Find out more about the Onsight mobile sales app.

Onsight Mobile Commerce

mShow Mobile Product Catalogue

Maxxor has developed a cross-platform mobile product catalogue and mobile commerce platform to allow a brand to showcase their product catalogue on a variety of mobile device platforms. The Onsight mobile commerce is powered by a web-based content management system that can be easily updated by an administrator. The products are then published to the mobile web via a mobisite, and to all the major mobile platforms via native applications for each of them. We currently support iOS (iPhone, iPad), Blackberry, Android and Windows Phone native applications. Our out-of-the-box solution contains several pre-made templates but we are also able to create custom templates and designs for your brand.

Contact us if you are interested in using the Onsight Mobile Commerce platform to showcase your product range.

Sho't Find - Location-based Mobile App

Sho't Find - Location-based Mobile App

Sho't Find is a location-based mobile application that enables mobile users to find places of interest that are near to them. The application was built as a native Windows Phone app using Silverlight and it is currently available in the Windows Phone Marketplace.

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