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Mobile Development

Enterprise Mobility

Mobile Development

Maxxor helps companies build enterprise mobile applications to mobile-enable their employees. We also help with taking legacy business applications and extending their reach onto new mobile platforms.

Find out more about building enterprise mobile apps or contact us to discuss your enterprise mobility requirements.

Cross-platform Mobile Development

Cross-platform Mobile Development

At Maxxor, we take pride in being leaders with our knowledge of bleeding edge technology. Our newest service offering is cross-platform mobile development using HTML5 or Adobe AIR. This includes mobile app development and mobile games development across all of the major mobile platforms. If you have iOS development (iPhone, iPad), Android development, BlackBerry development or Windows Phone development requirements, we can develop a high-quality cross-platform solution using HTML5 or Adobe AIR. The app is then packaged in native wrappers for publishing to all the various app stores. This requires far less investment than building native applications for each platform.

Find out more about cross-platform mobile development or contact us to discuss your cross-platform mobile development requirements.

iOS Development for iPhone and iPad

iOS iPhone Development

The members of our mobile team are experts in mobile application development and can develop high quality iPhone and iPad applications for our clients. Our assistance covers the entire lifecycle of designing, developing and deploying an application to the Apple AppStore.

Find out more about iPad development / iPhone development or contact us to discuss your iPhone and iPad application development requirements.

Android Development

Android Development

Android is fast becomimg the dominant phone platform for developing countries. We offer Android development services to help build both consumer and business Android applications.

Find out more about Android development or contact us to discuss your Android application development requirements.

Mobile Development for Windows Phone

Windows Phone Development

For specific business requirements, we offer native mobile application development for the Windows Phone platform using Microsoft's Silverlight technology. We can also assist with developing products and applications for the upcoming Windows Phone 8 / Windows 8 combined platform.

Find out more about Windows Phone development or contact us to discuss your Windows Phone application development requirements.

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