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Onsight Mobile Sales App

The Onsight mobile sales app provides your sales team with the tools they need to close more business. The app allows you to manage your accounts and contacts from any mobile device; showcase your product in a slick mobile app; generate quotes and orders from your client's premises; and get a bird's eye view of all your sales activities.

  • Sales Management Software



    Do you have the right tools that allow your sales team to close deals faster?



    How long does it take you to generate quotes or process your orders?



    Would you like to spend less time filling out paperwork and more time selling?

    Old data

    Old data

    How easy is it to update your product catalogue or make price changes?



    Does your current sales tracking software work on mobile devices?

  • Onsight benefits

    Onsight is a Mobile Sales Tool that:


    Helps your sales team to be more efficient & productive


    Eliminates old paper processes


    Lets you communicate with your clients better


    Lets you quickly create orders and quotes


    Has an easy-to-use graphical user interface


    Leverages new mobile technologies


    Runs on multiple mobile platforms


    Has an on-premise version as well as a cloud version


    Gives you a bird's eye view of all your sales activities


    Ultimately, improves sales performance

  • Onsight Features

    Onsight offers the following modules:

    accounts contact

    Accounts + Contacts

    Manage all your accounts and contacts from anywhere.

    Accounts + Contacts
    product catalogue

    Product Catalogue

    Let your clients browse your entire product catalogue using high impact images.

    Product Catelogue
    quotes and orders

    Quotes & Orders

    Generate a quote or order at your client premises instantaneously. Send orders to your central office effortlessly.

    Quotes & Orders
    features dashboards

    Features: Dashboard

    Get an at-a-glance view of all your current sales activities.

    Features: Dashboard
  • Mobile Platforms

    Our iPad, Android and Windows sales apps allow you to access and manage our sales system from almost any mobile device.

    Android Sales App

    Android Sales App

    Onsight for Android is the perfect sales app for your Android tablet.
    Windows Sales App

    Windows Sales App

    Onsight for Windows 8/RT runs on the latest Windows computers and Windows tablets.
    iPad Sales App

    iPad Sales App

    Onsight for iPad converts your entertainment device into a profit-generating tool.

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