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Mobile Strategy Development

Mobile Strategy

Tremendous changes are taking place in the marketplace. Mobile technology has emerged as a disruptive new force in the way that consumers live their lives and in the way that enterprises can communicate with their consumers. Maxxor's Mobile Strategy Development process is intended for business executives who are excited by the prospects offered by new mobile technologies but who are unsure of how to proceed. An in-depth workshop is followed by a comprehensive business audit in order to map your current and potential mobile capabilities. The end result is a defined mobile strategy and an actionable plan on how to use mobile to improve marketing ROI and to improve internal productivity.

Mobile Strategy Workshop

  • Our knowledgeable consultants will bring all your decision-makers up-to-speed with the current mobile landscape, the opportunities it presents and the challenges that are faced.
  • Our facilitators will determine what your business objectives are and explore how they can be achieved using mobile initiatives.
  • Our facilitators will help facilitate a discussion on how mobile can impact your business (both positively and negatively).

Mobile Audit

  • Our technology consultants will undertake a comprehensive audit of your current technical skills, capabilities and technology assets relating to mobile.
  • We will also collect information relating to your current mobile marketing campaigns.

Mobile Strategy and Action Plan

  • Our team will investigate available options and alternatives and will draft a personalised mobile strategy for your business.
  • The strategy document will also contain an action plan with recommended action items for implementing the mobile strategy.

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