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Our Team


Colin - Lead Developer

Colin has been a valued part of the Maxxor team for almost 5 years now. Taking the world head-on, he boasts an MCSD qualification and now lasers his attentions on C# and JavaScript. Daily you will find Colin problem-solving, taking care of processes and managing the quick fixes needed to keep projects running smoothly. Colin plays a part every day in finding the creativity in logic.

The original man of mystery, Colin would like to own a company one day where he will combine technology and travel to do business world-wide. On the weekends Colin likes to socialize with his friends, and meet new and interesting people. If he were to ever be bitten by a radioactive spider (you never know), he would like to acquire the power of knowing what women want. Even though he sees himself as slightly overconfident, his work at Maxxor speaks volumes on his behalf.