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Our Team


Sikhumbuzo - Software Developer

Sikhumbuzo knows his stuff. He has a BSc degree in Computer Science and Microbiology as well as an Advanced Java SE 6 certificate. He sees a career in IT as challenging and ever-changing, which is what made him go into the field in the first place. Sikhumbuzo dreams of developing software that has a positive influence on people’s lives. Since starting his job at Maxxor, Sikhumbuzo can now proudly say that he has learnt many new skills and can apply them as well.

When Sikhumbuzo is not coding, you can find him going on hikes with his friends. Being new to Cape Town, Sikhumbuzo likes to explore all the places he has not yet experienced in the Mother City. For now, he is happy to improve his skills at work in order to become a software architect and also be as great a man as his father is.