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Our Team


Jade - Project Manager

Jade may be a petite but watch out, she’s a tough cookie! As one of Maxxor’s project managers she manages standups, answers countless emails, interacts with clients and creates wireframes on a daily basis. Along with all of the demands project management brings, Jade also manages to ensure that everyone on her team is always happy with her moral boosting skills.

Not only is she good at her job, she also has a kind heart. One of the most exciting things she has done is travelled throughout South Africa teaching underprivileged people the art of dancing. It’s no wonder that she would one day like to travel some more to help people wherever and however she can. She likes relaxing with her family and friends on weekends, and enjoys watching musicals like Moulin Rouge and Chicago. And as for her preferred superpower? She would like to be able to teleport to never have to worry about traffic again.