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Our Team


Nanette - Marketing Administrator

Nanette’s day-to-day as a marketing administrator involves updating the company’s social media platforms, engaging in lots of research with which to write funky blog posts and helping to evolve Maxxor’s image on the Internet. With a BA Communication Science degree, Nanette has gained knowledge in everything from marketing and public relations to advertising and sociology, and now wants to utilize all that knowledge to the benefit of Maxxor.

A reformed bookworm, the only reading Nanette does nowadays is on the Internet. But despite that, knowledge is like food to her and Maxxor’s environment is perfect for her to learn and grow. She loves watching documentaries on various subcultures to see how the human mind works and why people interact the way they do in social situations. On weekends Nanette does anything and everything that looks like fun (like archery) and catches up with friends.