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Software Outsourcing Services

Outsource your software product development

What is software outsourcing?

Software outsourcing is simply the use of external resources to perform software related services that have traditionally been handled by internal staff. Maxxor provides the necessary resources to deliver a solution that is designed specifically around your unique and specific business requirements.

Why would you consider software outsourcing?

  • Limited or no available internal development capabilities
  • Inability to handle the particular project in the required timeframe
  • Lack of technical expertise needed for the required application

What are the Benefits of Software Outsourcing?

  • Access to experience. Maxxor already has the team you need. It is not necessary to recruit new talent, train them and bring them up to speed on your project. Lead-time to starting and finishing the project is reduced.
  • Access to expertise. Innovative technologies continue to change with mind boggling speed. Maxxor makes it our business to acquire the skills necessary to take full advantage of advances in technology. Predictable project outcomes rely on a team of professionals using experience, expertise and the technology you require.
  • Reduced HR cost. Hiring new permanent staff for a short-term project is very costly, particularly if there are no subsequent projects that require their services. When outsourcing, HR costs are limited to the project duration.
  • Control of project cost. Project scope and cost are understood at the onset. Specifications, deliverables and milestones are a part of the project plan.
  • Sound project management. Maxxor utilizes proven project management principles and supporting project management tools. Maxxor skills are added to your own to ensure predictable project outcomes.
  • Efficiency of in-house staff. Scheduling your resources is more efficient since in-house personnel can focus on current, critical, or ongoing projects.
  • Timely project implementation and completion. A well-defined and planned project results in predictable project outcomes. When a project is outsourced to Maxxor, existing in-house work can be better managed, and the completion date of your project will not be affected by day to day in-house demands.
  • Continuity of knowledge and expertise. Technical staff turnover is a major concern for many organizations. An in-house project that spans a half-year or more runs the risk of losing key technical staff. This is not just a costly problem; it can also jeopardize the success of the project. When a project is outsourced, the risk of losing knowledge and expertise is significantly reduced. Maxxor is responsible for completing the project.

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