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Software Project Recovery

Project Recovery

Project Recovery

Software development projects can fail for a number of reasons:

  • The system's requirements are not defined clearly enough or there is disagreement about the requirements
  • There are insufficient resources allocated to the project
  • Suitably qualified resources can't be found for the project
  • Key members of the project team are lost
  • Poor planning and poor project management
  • Risks are not identified and mitigated
  • The project's deadlines are unrealistic or too optimistic
  • Poor communication with stakeholders
  • Internal politics
  • Lack of a project process or software development methodology

At Maxxor, we've been called in many times to rescue failed software projects. We have a well-defined project recovery process that allows us to pick up and assist with development to help your team complete the project. We can even take over the project in the extreme case where your entire existing project team is no longer available.

If your project is in danger of failing, please contact us to hear about how we can assist to bring the project back on track again.

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