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At Maxxor we pride ourselves in excellence and it reflects in the work we produce. We believe that some of the key contributors to our success are creating good relationships with our clients and delivering only the best quality products and services. Here's what some of our clients have to say about us.

  • SFMTA, faberNovel

    "It was a pleasure to work with Maxxor! Hugh and Chantel are very skilled and did a great job on our project; they were easy to communicate with, autonomous and responsive."
    Project Manager, faberNovel

  • Microsoft

    "I would like to congratulate your team on passing the Final Quality review stage. It shows that your team is one of the top in South Africa."
    Developer and Platform Evangelist for Mobile, Microsoft

  • Technology Operations Manager, MWEB

    "The MWEB portal is core to our business and we would not have anyone doing work on it unless we were 100% confident about their ability to deliver rock-solid solutions that scale well to millions of users."
    Technology Operations Manager, MWEB

  • General Manager, Bandwidth Barn

    "Thanks to a great project management team Maxxor has always delivered on time and has never missed a project deadline. It was pleasure working with the company."
    General Manager, Bandwidth Barn

  • Managing Director, Professional Vision Group

    "We have been working with Maxxor for a number of years now, and they have become an integral part of our business. We trust their work implicitly. Raj and his team are highly skilled and totally reliable."
    Managing Director, Professional Vision Group

  • Online Media Editor, Ndalo Media

    "Maxxor also gave us a great insight on our wireframe planning and tailor-made creative design solutions to fit exactly what we envisaged. We are extremely happy with the result - and so are our users."
    Online Media Editor, Ndalo Media

  • Project Manager, Investec Asset Management

    "We find Maxxor's application hosting, service response and hosting reliability to be excellent, and would therefore highly recommend them."
    Project Manager, Investec Asset Management

  • Managing Director, STAD

    "The design solution met all our requirements of a compact, minimalist yet visually stimulating site, with a strong and direct navigation interface and has resulted in great feedback from users."
    Managing Director, STAD

  • MD, TRIGA Display Systems

    "Maxxor has always exceeded our expectations with their ability to interpret our design requirements for the TRIGA™ brand. These designs have definitely contributed to TRIGA™ being recognized as a premium product within the exhibition and display industries."
    MD, TRIGA Display Systems

  • Director, Stramrood Connect

    "Our site is simple, professional and full of personality! Maxxor was a pleasure to work with!"
    Director, Stramrood Connect

  • Windows Phone, Mxit

    "We were very happy with the project results"
    Executive Head: Marketing & Business Development, Mxit

  • Cipla Vet

    "Maxxor impressed us with understanding of our concept, and fluid conversion into a great user friendly app"
    Managing Director, Cipla Vet