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Windows Phone App Development

Windows mobile app development

Mobile Development for Windows Phone 7.x

Maxxor offers Windows Phone 7 development using the Silverlight framework. The Windows Phone Marketplace contains 100,000+ applications and more and more users are opting for Windows Phone devices from manufacturers like Nokia and HTC.

Mobile Development for Windows Phone 8

The launch of the new Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 platforms offers a unique opportunity to target the billions of devices that will be running on these platforms. Microsoft's new Windows Phone 8 uses a common runtime between Windows Phone and the new Windows 8. This allows some kinds of Windows 8 apps to run on Windows Phone 8 devices as well. Maxxor develops Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 applications that can be side-loaded for enterprise use or that can be published to Microsoft's app store for consumers to access.

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