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Xamarin Development

Cross-platform Mobile App

Xamarin makes it possible to build cross-platform mobile application using C# and Visual Studio. The end results are native Android, iOS and Windows apps with native UI elements but with shared business logic code. The common code is written in C#. This means that developers that don't know Java, Objective-C or Swift can still contribute to building mobile apps. Xamarin was born out of the Mono project. This was a cross-platform open-source implementation of the Microsoft .NET platform. In February 2016, Microsoft announced that it had acquired Xamarin. Xamarin is now integrated into Microsoft's IDE, Visual Studio.

Maxxor was one of the first Xamarin development companies in South Africa. Our team members have successfully built multiple mobile apps using Xamarin technology. Contact us if you have any outsourced Xamarin development requirements or if you require Xamarin developers to complement your existing team.

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